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Jamaica: options of becoming a citizen

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However, these aren’t the only causes why foreigners are attempting to obtain Jamaican citizenship. It offers economic stability, and ethical work environment, and much more. Many people apply for citizenship in a variety of methods. This article will go over the many plans available to you to gain Jamaican citizenship.

Options of business coming to a Jamaican citizen

Those birthed in Jamaica and people born beyond the Jamaican boundaries to Jamaican natives have an inherent claim to nationality per Chapter 2 of the Jamaican Law. Nationality requests are divided into the following types:


People seeking Jamaican citizenship by marrying a civilian should submit a written application to PICA. Nationality by marriage takes approximately a year to process, and the process might cost up to 15,000 JMD. Documents that must be submitted for nationality request are:

  • Copy of R1 application request,
  • Evidence of clean criminal background; police report,
  • Nationality proof of spouse,
  • Proof of relationship; marriage certificate,
  • Two photos; passport size,
  • Candidate’s birth certificate or ID.

Registration (minor)

Under the country’s citizenship Act, the minor may apply to be registered as a citizen of Jamaica by a legal guardian. The processing time takes almost two years, and it costs J$5000. To receive citizenship for the minor through registration include many requirements and submission of the following documents:

  • Copy of citizenship request form[1],
  • To support the petition, two testimonials are necessary[2],
  • Passport,
  • Passport of legal guardians or parents,
  • Evidence of parent’s marital relationship,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Proof of parents citizenship,
  • Two passport size photos,
  • Parents work visa,
  • The claimant’s tax conformity document.

[1] The form must be filled out and acknowledged by the child’s legal guardian before any person is entitled to take an oath.

[2] These individuals must be Jamaicans by birth and cannot be the claimant’s family, attorney, or representative.

Registration (commonwealth)

A Commonwealth person who has lived legally in Jamaica for at least five years and has an excellent moral reputation may apply for enrollment as a Jamaican resident. This type of registration requires JMD 15000 for request approval. Following are the prerequisite for Jamaican nationality.

  • Copy of a registration form,
  • Candidates birth certificate,
  • Passport,
  • Employment permit,
  • Proof of social activities,
  • Tax conformity document,
  • Two photos,
  • Income proof,
  • Financial statement of recent years.

The form must be verified in the company of an Attorney Official or other oath-taking official.

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A person might be awarded citizenship if they resided in Jamaica for at least five years before filing the petition, furthermore if he has a good reputation and is economically stable. Naturalization filing costs JMD 20,000 and takes up to 24 months to complete.


Naturalization Form N1 should be used to submit the request. In the company of anyone qualified to deliver oaths, the document should be filled and notarized. Four testimonials should back up the petition. The applicants’ sponsors must be Jamaicans by birth and cannot be government officials, family, attorneys, or intermediaries.

Before completing the request, you must publish notification of your desire to seek citizenship in a regular publication. This statement should be posted twice, at a minimum one-week interval, and filed with the registration.


The following essential documents should be provided to PICA along with the petition form:

  • Birth certificate or ID proof,
  • Passport,
  • Employment permit,
  • Evidence of social services,
  • Passport size photos,
  • Tax conformity documents.

Ending note

By fulfilling the procedures mentioned earlier, people can gain Jamaican citizenship in as little as 6-12 months. The significant advantage of having Jamaican citizenship is that it permits dual citizenship. Get your Jamaican application from PICA official website.

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