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Russia: best cities for relocation

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Kazan is called “the third capital of Russia”, located on the left bank of the mighty Volga River. Kazan is an amazing interweaving of antiquity and modernity, the cultures of the West and the East. Here together there is the Kazan Kremlin with the fabulous snow-white Kul-Sharif mosque with delicate blue domes and roofs and huge glass skyscrapers. This large cultural, religious, educational, scientific, sports and tourist center with a high standard of living has all the advantages for living in Kazan.



According to several ratings of the best cities in our country in terms of the level and quality of life in 2015-2016, it is Tyumen that takes the first place, ahead of Moscow itself. And deservedly so: the first Russian city in Siberia is developing at a tremendous pace, pleasantly surprised with the high quality of education – one of the best in Russia, the state of the roads, landscaping, and beauty. According to research, the happiest people in the country live here.


Yekaterinburg is the largest city in the Urals, known as a powerful cultural, scientific, transport, industrial, and tourist center. Local education is also of high quality. One of the most densely populated cities in the country and also one of the fastest-growing. Yekaterinburg is full of theaters and famous Ural rock, it is a modern and welcoming city that does not standstill.



Krasnodar has several aces in its pocket at once: it is a very green and comfortable city, a large historical, cultural, and industrial center in the south of our country, where the minimum level of unemployment is registered. It is actively growing, getting ready to meet those wishing to move to this wonderful warm land, located not far from the Black and Azov Seas. Recently, modern Krasnodar is increasingly flickering among the best cities for doing business.

aerial view of city near body of water during daytime



One of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Siberia is a large cultural, educational, economic, sports, and industrial center of Russia. Hydropower, mechanical engineering, and non-ferrous metallurgy are well developed. Besides, Krasnoyarsk has repeatedly won the annual competition “The Most Comfortable City in Russia”. Many tourists come here to admire the sights of this region, the most famous of which is the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel. Krasnoyarsk is also famous for its original sculptures and monuments.

green trees on mountain beside body of water during daytime



This large city, located on the banks of the Volga and Samara rivers, was founded in 1586 as a guarded fortress. The ancient architecture of the city is not only beautiful but also very interesting from a cultural and historical point of view. Modern Samara possesses powerful natural resources, a scientific and technical base, and a cultural heritage that tries to progress in different directions and has a serious development strategy for the coming years.


Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod has located 400 km from Moscow and is a major cultural, economic, industrial, tourist and transport center of our country. It is also known as one of the main directions of river tourism in Russia. The city is so rich in unique ancient monuments of history, architecture, and culture that UNESCO included Nizhny Novgorod in the list of 100 cities in the world of world-historical and cultural value.


city skyline under blue sky

St. Petersburg

The city was founded in 1703 by the Russian emperor Peter I. The city has a large number of historical and cultural monuments. More than 70 theaters, including the world-famous: Mariinsky, Alexandrinsky, and Mikhailovsky theaters.

Petersburg was originally built as an international city. The principles of tolerance and religious tolerance have always been and are the basis in the development of the city and the enrichment of its culture. St. Petersburg is not only the “Cultural Capital of Russia”, but also the third-largest city in Europe, after Moscow and London. St. Petersburg is the largest scientific center in Russia. Petersburg is a recognized center of higher education in Russia.


Moscow is the heart of Russia. Moscow is located in the center of the East European Plain, the city stands on both banks of the Moskva River. It is the largest metropolis in Russia (about 25 million people), the most economically developed among Russian cities, and also one of the largest cities in the world.

The city is an important cultural center of the country, a tourist and sports leader in Russia. In Moscow, everyone will find something interesting for themselves. No other city in Russia has such several museums, theaters, concert halls, sports grounds, parks, shops, and restaurants.

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