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Immigration to Europe: top 10 countries

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Today we will talk about where to go for permanent residence, which countries offer the most attractive conditions for obtaining this status, and where is the best place to settle.

5 benefits of living in Dusseldorf, Germany

The city is among the top 5 largest economic and cultural centers in Germany. At the same time, it has a quieter lifestyle and measured traffic. If you are international in banking, legal, or stock exchange, planning to work at the headquarters of one of the world’s largest firms, then this is the ideal city for you.


  • Excellent conditions for international business
  • A city with modern architecture and infrastructure
  • 2-3 hours drive to major cities in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands
  • Opportunities to get a quality liberal arts education
  • The mild climate, snowless winter

What status do you need?

Citizenship of Malta or Cyprus.

5 benefits of living in London, UK

London is traditionally considered the business capital of all of Europe. But wealthy people are settling here not only because of the unlimited opportunities for doing international business. They are attracted by a high standard of living along with guarantees of personal safety.


  • The ideal environment for international business
  • VIP-level quality of life
  • Education in universities that occupy the first places in the rankings of Europe
  • Quality medical care.
  • Ample opportunities for real estate investment

What status do you need?

UK residence permit.

5 benefits of living in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a universal city of VIP class in every sense. It is suitable for wealthy people who value high-class comfort, measured pace of life, and tranquility.


  • Infrastructure built to the smallest detail
  • High level of services, services, products
  • Personal safety
  • Environmentally friendly, close to world-famous alpine resorts
  • A beautiful city filled with the grandeur of antiquity and the spirit of the aristocracy

What status do you need?

Residence permit in Austria, citizenship of Malta or Cyprus.

5 benefits of living in Zurich, Switzerland

brown wooden houses near green trees and mountain under white clouds during daytime

Along with Vienna, Zurich is an example of a European city with ideal living conditions. An impeccable environment, a developed infrastructure, an excellent business climate, the highest standard of living – all this makes Zurich attractive for wealthy people.


  • European Center for Finance and Business
  • VIP level of life
  • High safety class
  • The calm, measured rhythm of life
  • Cleanliness and good ecology

What status do you need?

Residence permit in Switzerland, citizenship of Malta or Cyprus.

5 benefits of living in Limassol, Cyprus

A respectable resort is suitable for people who live an active lifestyle. Developed sphere of tourism services, tenants of real estate can be found here at any time of the year – it’s an ideal condition for opening a business.


  • The largest Russian-speaking diaspora in Cyprus
  • An excellent base for doing business in the tourism industry
  • A comfortable city with developed infrastructure
  • You can quickly get by plane to anywhere in Europe and Asia
  • Ecological cleanliness

What status do you need?

Residence permit or citizenship of Cyprus.

5 benefits of living in Sliema, Malta

brown concrete dome building near body of water

The commercial capital of Malta now attracts businessmen from all over the world. The Maltese government has streamlined its taxation system, making Malta a true tax haven. The small town of Sliema is a great place to live and do international business.


  • Large European business center
  • The holiday season lasts a whole year
  • Elite real estate for every taste
  • A mild climate, no fogs, cold winds
  • High-level infrastructure

 What status do you need?

 Malta citizenship.

 5 benefits of living in Madrid, Spain

If your goal is to invest in a European company that will develop in an economically stable environment and generates income, you should pay attention to Madrid. It is the largest industrial center in Spain, a modern city that offers ample opportunities for businessmen.


  • Opportunities to profitably invest in a company
  • A progressive metropolis with a dynamic lifestyle
  • European level infrastructure
  • Active cultural life, world shopping centers
  • The proximity of world-famous Spanish resorts

 What status do you need?

 Residence permit in Spain.

5 benefits of living in Lisbon, Portugal

This city is versatile for business and is suitable for both wealthy businessmen, whose goal is to receive benefits from investment in a project, and those who want to buy luxury real estate for subsequent lease.


  • One of the largest Russian-speaking diasporas in Europe
  • Wide range of luxury real estate
  • The cost of living is below the European average with a high level of quality of life
  • Ideal business environment supported by the government
  • A mild climate, warm winters

 What status do you need?

 Residence permit in Portugal.

 5 benefits of living in Stockholm, Sweden

landscape photo of buildings

The ancient castle city gets along well with the latest business trends. The IT sphere is extremely developed here. And the famous Swedish orderliness and practicality work in life.


  • One of the cleanest and most well-groomed cities in Europe
  • Included in the Top 10 most developed cities in the world
  • Opportunities for starting a company to develop the latest technology
  • Well-functioning infrastructure, work of administrative, social systems
  • Ecological cleanliness, picturesque surroundings

 What status do you need?

 Citizenship of Cyprus or Malta.

5 benefits of living in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is always considered the most inexpensive city to live in, but at the same time, it meets European standards of quality of life. It is suitable for people who have plans to retire, to improve their health, or to move to a more developed city in Europe.


  • Loyal attitude towards our compatriots
  • Inexpensive real estate and life in general
  • Infrastructure, roads following European standards
  • High-quality higher education 
  • Proximity to famous thermal spas, resorts

What status do you need?  

Permanent residence in Hungary.

Of course, there is no right answer where it is better to live because everything depends on your preferences. Every country has its benefits, which can be advantages for one and disadvantages for others.

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