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Top 7 Tips for Relocation and starting new life

Immigration and relocation is very common all over the world, especially in countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Russia. All these people are looking for a better life, decent wages, and social services for themselves and their loved ones. According to UN statistics, 3% of the world’s population are migrants. And how to choose in which country this life will be comfortable? Read about our tips for immigration below.


Choose the country you love

You must be motivated to go through all the stages of your move to another country. And the strongest motivation is a sincere love for the culture of the country, its language. If you know everything about Italian cuisine or study Japanese at night, then you will surely quickly feel at home in your new country.

Explore countries’ immigration programs

Many countries with strong expatriate traditions provide relocation programs for different types of professionals, for example:

  • The famous Green card lottery allows you to get the right to live in the United States. Usually, applications are submitted in October-November, the questionnaire can be filled in literally 15-20 minutes. There are also professional immigration programs in the United States.
  • The federal program of professional immigration to Canada. The official website details the requirements and application procedure. Proof of knowledge of the English language is required.
  • Professional immigration to Australia or New Zealand. Each profession has its requirements.
  • Blue Card program to European countries. The Blue Card is intended mainly for specialists in the field of natural sciences, mathematicians, architects, product designers, engineers, doctors (except dentists), IT specialists.

Estimate resources

This advice applies to both material and psychological resources. Try to honestly answer yourself a few questions:

Will your savings be enough to implement your move plan? If not, what needs to be done to earn more?

How do you usually react to failure? How much do they unsettle you?

Do you have friends and family support?

It is very important to be honest about your current situation. This will allow you to choose the optimal move plan and reduce the number of failed attempts. For example, people often make step transitions. The family does not have enough funds to move to the desired country and they first go to another state, and after settling there, they go further.

Arrange a rehearsal for the move

Remember not to confuse tourism with immigration. When you come as a tourist, everything seems wonderful to you. You know where you live, where you will get your money from and how you will spend it, enjoy new experiences and meeting people. It is completely different when you come abroad for work or immigrate. 

These things must be shared in your head. If possible, it will be very cool to live in the country for at least a month before the main move, best of all in the off-season. This period will allow you to feel the rhythm of everyday life. This month you have to live your life as normal as possible – work, go to the market with groceries, clean up and cook at home, meet friends for dinner. Such “test emigration” will help you understand how close the country is to you, and reduce the degree of uncertainty before the move.

Have a sabbatical

A sabbatical is a long, 3 months, vacation from work. A kind of professional time-out, the time that a person can spend on the realization of a dream or long-delayed plans. If you are already looking for an opportunity to emigrate, then during the sabbatical you can try to live in different countries and understand which one is closer to you. Of course, this plan requires a financial cushion and technical training, but it will pay off handsomely: you will draw conclusions based on what you like about life in a particular country.

Choose the right lifestyle

Not only does the country affect your impression of moving, but also the city. If you lived in a metropolis and this rhythm of life suits you, choose a city with similar characteristics for moving. If, on the contrary, you want silence, for example, emigration to the northern and sparsely populated territories of Canada may suit you.

Be open to new things

Each person has a “program” of the country where he grew up. When you move, the old patterns that a person used to act earlier stop working. The illusion that most people live in is that the new environment will be so good that it will work out. This is not the case, with “the environment you need to make friends.” Therefore, communicate with new people, do not resist reality, get acquainted, study the environment, be flexible.

Learn the language

It is imperative to learn the language, always and everywhere. Some people don’t think so. Language is not only a means of communication but also a way to understand the cultures of another country better. Moreover, locals respect people who know their language, and this gives a lot of opportunities for work, relationships, and joy.

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