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Top 7 countries for business immigration from India

There are countries where it is interesting and profitable to immigrate from India. We will talk about business immigration and countries where you can immigrate easily, conveniently and predictably. The seven countries that are listed below have many of their advantages precisely from the point of view of doing business, and therefore many businessmen from India, despite prices and taxes, are trying to move there. As a rule, businessmen from India with small or medium-sized businesses prefer to move to one of the European countries to live and work there. The reason is simple – in Europe, the requirements for permanent income and the acceptable size of business capital are very moderate.

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Business immigration to Cyprus

There are several ways for an Indian businessman to become a Cypriot citizen. To do this, you need to acquire a total of securities of the country or real estate in the amount of at least ten million euros. It is also possible to register an enterprise in Cyprus, which in the last three years before the businessman’s request for citizenship will bring at least ten million euros in profit.

Get an EB5 Visa in the USA

For foreign businessmen, there is a special visa EB5 – “investment visa”. It can be obtained by an entrepreneur with assets of one million dollars. Besides, the businessman must place $ 500,000 in the project approved by the government of the country. This is done through an investment fund. It is not necessary to have experience in running your own business in the United States.

Convenient business immigration to Austria

A business immigrant from India must necessarily invest in the country’s economy from six to ten million euros. But he does not need to take an exam in German and live permanently in Austria. If the first method is expensive, the entrepreneur can create a charity fund with a capitalization of two million euros. The acquisition of real estate and state securities cannot serve as a basis for obtaining citizenship in Austria. All documents are drawn up for about a year.

Business immigration to Canada

If a businessman from India wants to immigrate to Canada, then the person must have $ 300,000, as well as buy a business in the country or start from scratch. But this is not enough – it is necessary to confirm the managerial experience of the entrepreneur for at least two years.

If all conditions are met, then a businessman from India can expect to receive a visa valid for three years. You can change it to a permanent resident visa after one year of successful entrepreneurial activity. But the Canadian embassy is rather slow in considering the applications of foreign businessmen – two years, or even more.

New Zealand for Business Immigration

If a businessman from India wants to get permanent residence in New Zealand, it is necessary to invest in the economy – at least two million dollars, then – to document that you have at least five years of successful business experience. The foreigner must be under the age of 45 and pass the English proficiency test perfectly.

Invest in the UK

If a businessman from India has the experience and willingness to do business in the UK, hire 10 employees and follow numerous rules, then you can seriously qualify for permanent residence in the UK with an investment of £ 200,000.

A businessman from India must invest money in his business opened in the United Kingdom. You can’t just put them in the bank. An entrepreneur must develop his business and participate in it, not letting go. So, in a year, he must create at least two new jobs.

If the businessman does everything right, he will be granted a residence permit valid for two years. When the term comes to an end, it can be extended by three years. Having gone through all this, the entrepreneur will be able to apply for the right of indefinite stay in the UK.

Business immigration to Latvia

Latvia is an ideal place for business immigrants from India in terms of ease and proximity. You can live and run your business permanently in Latvia if you invest in its economy in one of four ways:

  • A corporation with at least 35,000 euros in authorized capital can be registered or bought in the country.

Note: the state treasury must receive at least 30,000 euros in taxes and fees each month.

  • Company statutory funds can be 143,000 euros, and the minimum treasury payment is unlimited.
  • Purchase real estate in Latvia for at least 143,000 euros (regional exceptions apply).
  • open a deposit in a bank of Latvia, the amount is 300,000 euros.

It must be remembered that none of the above methods can guarantee a residence permit. But as practice shows, the refusal is always strictly justified, and you can always make corrections and try again.

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