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Top 5 Reasons to Study a Master’s Degree in London

As your undergraduate course comes to an end, you may be considering postgraduate studies and are at a crossroads. A master’s in the UK will help you to specialize in your area of interest and gain skills,

which are important to potential employers. A master’s in London opens the door to endless opportunities for international students.

There are many reasons to consider studying for a Master’s degree in the UK. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Personal growth

Master’s studies are not only new academic knowledge. Continuing education will provide an opportunity to develop various skills that will be very useful to the student in later life: the ability to work in a team, competent time management, in-depth analysis, and the manifestation of leadership qualities. Also, studying in a magistracy will give invaluable experience. For example, Kingston University London partners with universities around the world with student exchange programs and the Erasmus student internship program, which provides students with work experience in large companies.

  1. Possibility to change specialty

Often, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, a graduate wants to try himself in a field adjacent to his specialty or change his profession. For such students, a master’s degree can be a convenient way to get a new specialty. Yes, most foreign universities teach the disciplines already studied by students at an advanced level on master’s programs. But some universities have more “flexible” programs, which can be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in any specialty. For example, the London School of Economics, which has similar master’s programs. For example, MSc Marketing, where students gain knowledge of the basics of analytics, business processes, and marketing. The first part of the course consists of studying theory, and then students engage in practical projects.

Another program that will allow you to change the direction of your career in a year is a Master’s in Management. The LSE master’s student will have to master business analysis, marketing, financial management, as well as communication and leadership skills.

  1. Opportunity for an internship in a large company

It is known that many large universities cooperate with world companies in various fields: business, economics, science. In these companies, graduate students undergo an internship, the duration of which depends not only on how long the company offers but also on the student himself.

Students pursuing an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the City University of London undertake six months of internships with global companies such as BBC, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and many more. This allows future masters to apply their knowledge and skills in real business cases, as well as supplement their resume with a paragraph about an internship in a company with a big name, which will have a positive effect on further employment.

  1. An opportunity to start an academic career

A master’s degree is a compulsory stage of education for those who want to connect their lives with research or teaching in higher education. After graduation, many students remain at the university and work in a department or research center, while others enter doctoral studies.

Norwich Research Park is one of the research centers that is actively engaged in attracting talented masters who wish to devote their lives to science. The research center has scientific affiliations with the University of East Anglia, and many of its graduate students conduct their research at Norwich Research Park. By the way, the most popular areas of the center are biomedical sciences and environmental engineering, and energy.

  1. Important acquaintances in the professional community

History knows many examples of how friends or former classmates created a successful business. A student’s social circle is very important and can bring serious changes in the future career of a student. Such reasoning is especially relevant for graduate students: many students studying master’s programs already have experience in one area or another, and some of them have well-established connections.

Regent’s University in London understands how important it is to maintain communication between students even after graduation. The university has its own Regent’s Club, which unites graduates from different years around the world. Branches of the “club” are open in more than 40 cities around the world. Graduates of the university often get together, exchange news and experiences, give master classes, give lectures, and participate in job fairs organized by the university. What’s more, the university offers graduates life-long job placement assistance and provides access to its job database.

Obtaining a master’s degree in a foreign university has many advantages. However, before submitting documents to the university, you need to think over everything well and plan correctly. It is important to choose a suitable program, taking into account personal wishes, career goals, understand your level of knowledge of the English language and, if required, carry out proper preparation.

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