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Top 5 Cheapest Universities in the UK for International Students

As you know, Great Britain is not only one of the most popular countries among students, but also one of the most expensive. Not everyone can afford to study at prestigious, world-famous British universities. Many people know that British higher education is one of the most prestigious in the world. Indeed, the diploma received in this country is appreciated everywhere. The reason for this is high-quality teachers, powerful material and technical base in universities, centuries-old traditions, and modern teaching methods. However, along with all the benefits, many from admission to a UK university are stopped by the high cost. However, in this country, there are a large number of funds that provide scholarships for training both local and foreign students. This helps to significantly reduce the cost or even make training in foggy Albion free.

Many students around the world dream of spending their student years in this “forge” of young and in-demand specialists. But, what if you dream of studying in England and your budget is limited?

Oxford city panorama.

1. Staffordshire University

Average annual tuition fee: £ 6,433 (RUB 453,523)

Staffordshire University was founded in 1914 and is located in the West Midlands. The university is one of several British educational institutions in which a bachelor’s degree can be obtained in 2, not 3 years. This possibility, along with low-cost university housing, helps students to save significantly.

The university is known for its approach to students, as well as study programs in law, IT, medicine, and theology.

By the way, all over the UK, only here you can get a bachelor’s degree in comics and cartoons.

2. Teesside University

Average annual tuition: £ 6,470 (RUB 456,132)

Teesside University was founded in 1929 and received university status in 1992. The university is located in Middlesboro, in the north of England, and offers training in a variety of areas, specializing in health and technology.

In addition to a high-quality education, the university offers its students accommodation on a modern campus, in the arrangement of which has recently been invested 200 million pounds. There are beaches and a nature reserve near the university, which allows students to play sports and lead an active lifestyle.

3. Harper Adams University College

Average annual tuition fee: £ 6,783 (RUB 478,198)

Founded in 1901, Harper Adams University is located in Shropshire and is renowned for its excellence in teaching. University graduates are traditionally in demand among employers in England and around the world because the educational institution specializes in the most popular specialties today. Many foreigners study here and all freshmen are obligatory provided with campus accommodation.

4. University of Leeds Trinity

Average annual tuition fee: £ 6,955 (490,324 rubles)

Opened in the 1960s as two Catholic colleges, the institution (Leeds Trinity University College) only became a university in December 2012. Although the university specializes in primary education, today higher education programs in the field of health care, sports and psychology are actively developing here, new educational media centers and laboratories are opening.

5. University of Cambria

Average tuition per year: £ 6,960 (490,677 rubles)

The University of Cumbria was founded in 2007 and has 4 campuses in cities in Northern England. The campuses of the university include 6 libraries, computer labs, modern classrooms, and student lounges.

Students can choose to live on campus or off-campus from their first year. The university specializes in programs in arts, media, and design, and offers courses in theology, humanities, and history.

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