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Top 5 cheap alternatives to British Education

In this article, we will talk about study abroad opportunities. Most of today’s applicants dream to get higher education abroad. It is a great chance to get a prestigious diploma and successfully start a career or your own business. Education in Great Britain is in great demand because higher education in England is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. However, the high cost of education for many students is a big barrier to entry. So we prepared for you top 5 cheap alternatives to British education


In 2016, the British financial conglomerate HSBC Holdings recognized Germany as the country with the highest quality education in the world. What’s more, it’s mostly free: in 2014, the German federal government abolished tuition fees at all public universities for both nationals and international students. Private universities – paid, but available for foreign applicants – about 1500 euros per year. This decision made Germany extremely attractive to young people from foreign countries. But you need to know that most of the educational programs in universities are in German, so it is worth learning it before and during your stay in the country.


The education system in Canada is distinguished by a balanced combination of European traditions and North American pragmatism. Favorable economic and social conditions, combined with a soft immigration policy and a friendly attitude towards foreigners, contribute to the fact that more and more foreigners choose to study in Canada.

There are about a hundred universities and university colleges in Canada, and about 45,000 foreign students come here to study annually. The standard of living in the country and the quality of teaching correspond to the highest world standards, and the cost of education is one and a half to two times lower than in America and Great Britain.

The quality of higher education in Canada is strictly controlled by the government and public funds that fund universities. Universities and colleges have a big territory with Olympic-level sports facilities, concert halls, laboratories, radio stations, editorial offices, and business incubators.


Spain is one of the most popular destinations for study abroad. It is due to the low cost of education, and, at the same time, the quality comparable to education in the UK and USA.

Higher education in Spain is paid. But in public universities, it is cheaper than in private ones. Prices for a year of study at a state university start from 700 euros, but the average price is 1500-2000 euros. In private universities, the cost for a local and foreign student is the same.

Educational institutions in Spain are one of the oldest in the world. Their traditions and reputation are recognized throughout the world.  Students have opportunities to use huge libraries, modern material and technical funds, and a powerful scientific base.

Czech Republic

A variety of study programs, low living costs (about $ 350-700 per month), rich culture, and travel-friendly location in the very center of Europe motivate about 40 thousand students to study in the Czech Republic every year. The country recently entered the top ten most popular Erasmus + destinations. The Czech Republic offers a wide range of programs in English for 2-10 thousand euros per year. And for those who speak Czech, education is absolutely free. Unfortunately, Czech is not the most popular language to learn. So, most likely, you will have to learn it in advance. It is better to study it in the Czech Republic, where long-term language courses at universities are offered especially for applicants.


France has one of the best education systems in the world, which is notable for democratic prices. In the ranking of EU countries for the quality and accessibility of higher education in the EU, published in February 2018 by the Hamburg consulting company Study.EU, France was in third place among European countries (after Germany and the UK). About a third of the places in state universities in the country are completely free even for foreigners. However, they have to take a difficult language exam without fail. But even in paid places, you can study for modest money. For example, the average cost of studying at medical universities, considered one of the most prestigious in France, is only € 450 per year. One of the reasons for studying in France is the country’s rich culture.


In conclusion, studying abroad is an invaluable experience, better chances for employment, new professional skills, understanding of your capabilities and prospects, self-confidence, maturity, and awareness of the world and cultures in all their diversity. It is quite possible to get such education at low prices. The modern world education system provides a lot of opportunities for this. It is enough to choose one of them and start moving towards your success!

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