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Top 5 best kindergartens in Abu Dhabi

Many expats come to the United Arab Emirates with their wives and young children. There is nothing wrong with that since Abu Dhabi – the richest of the seven emirates that make up the UAE – has everything for a comfortable stay of families: kindergartens, schools, good hospitals, organizations providing children’s leisure, etc.

Preschool education in Abu Dhabi

There are no problems with preschool education in Abu Dhabi. There are many private kindergartens successfully operating in the Emirate, mainly in English. If you are going to live in Abu Dhabi for a long time, then you should give preference to your child’s kindergarten education over home education. 

Firstly, in a circle with a peer, the baby socializes faster. Secondly, educators will be able to prepare the child for school, including improving the English level, which is important, since most international schools teach in English.

There are no free kindergartens in the United Arab Emirates. The cost of education in preschool institutions can range from 10 to 50 thousand dirhams(2000-10000 EUR). It all depends on the age of your kid, on the number of days that he/she will spend in kindergarten, from the country that founded the kindergarten (the most expensive are British), from the curriculum, and much more. You can find out the final cost of your child’s education by contacting the kindergarten management directly. Most preschools work from Sunday to Thursday, but some have only one day off – Friday, and open on Saturday.

If you decide that your child should attend kindergarten, and the money that will have to be spent on babysitting services is better converted into child high-quality preschool education, then you will probably be wondering which of the kindergartens to choose. The procedure for applying for a kindergarten is quite simple, you need to clarify which documents are needed to enroll your child directly with the management of the kindergarten. Keep in mind that many kindergartens accept children over 18 months old. If you have a baby under one year old, then it is better to wait until he/she grows up before going to work or still use the services of a babysitter until the child reaches the age of 18 months and can not attend a nursery. If for various reasons you cannot wait, then in Abu Dhabi there are also gardens that accept babies who are only a month old.

Today in Abu Dhabi there are about fifty kindergartens, the history of some is several decades, and some – only 2-3 years. New preschool educational centers are opening every year because the demand for them is increasing due to the increase in the number of immigrants coming to the UAE for permanent residence. For example, in 2014 alone, more than 10 new kindergartens were opened.

5 best kindergartens in Abu Dhabi

Based on the feedback from parents, we have created for you an overview of the 15 best, in their opinion, kindergartens in Abu Dhabi, which meet all modern requirements and can give your child an excellent preschool education.

Piccadilly Nursery

This is a British kindergarten that has been working in Abu Dhabi for several years. In “Piccadilly” there is a reception of children who are already 2 years old. A bus is provided to deliver them to the kindergarten so that parents do not have to waste time transferring their baby. Experienced educators and pediatricians work in this garden, who find an individual approach to each child.

Spring Fields Nursery

The curriculum in this kindergarten is approved by the British Department of Education. Spring Fields admits children who are already 2 years old to teach them reading, writing, discovering their creative talents, and taking care of their harmonious physical development. In between classes, your little ones will be able to splash in the pool, play cakes in the sandbox, and find something to their liking in the playroom.

Odyssey Nursery

This kindergarten previously successfully worked in Dubai and only in 2014 its branch opened in Abu Dhabi. Parents can choose one of three main languages ​​of instruction for their children: English, Arabic, or French. In Odyssey, babies are admitted into four groups, depending on their age: “Raindrops” (babies from 4 months to 1-year-old), “Shells” (1-2 years old), “Twiglets” (2-3 years old), “Pebbles” (3-4 years).

Apple Bee Nursery

This garden also invites parents to choose one of the languages ​​that their children will learn on an ongoing basis: English, French, or Arabic. Working parents can entrust their babies (from 1.5 months) to experienced staff who will take care of their mental, physical and creative development. The educational system on which the classes are based is American.


This kindergarten was opened in Abu Dhabi by representatives of Finland. This is one of the few kindergartens that accept babies from the age of four months. Kipina’s educators give children a comprehensive education (reading, writing, counting), develop their creative potential, do not forget about physical education, teach them how to find their place in a team, communicate with peers.

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