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The USA vs. Canada. Best country to immigrate. 

Canada and the United States are some of the most popular countries for immigration. Each of them has both disadvantages and advantages.

All the criteria for choosing a country are very individual, that is, each person who wants to move to one of these countries is based on the merits that will suit him/her personally.

Canada city

USA – a mecca for immigrants

Top 10 things why the USA is better than Canada.


The USA has a milder climate than Canada. In America, almost nowhere to see such huge snow drifts, and not feel the piercing winds.

Labor market

There is much more job choice in the States. The job market here is much broader and more diverse, so Americans and US immigrants have more opportunities to find a suitable job for themselves.


While the United States is at the top of the quality list of the global economy, Canada is not even in the top ten.


Despite the fact that education and medicine in Canada are cheaper, in general the price policy of goods and services is higher than in the States. Canadian taxes are also much higher than American ones.


In the United States, specialists receive more than in Canada. The amount is not too striking, moreover, if you subtract from it the considerable cost of health insurance, the numbers will be almost equal, but still the fact remains.


American cultural figures are better known around the world than those of Canadian origin. Canadian culture itself is not rich, and many of its areas have American roots.


For entrepreneurs in the United States, there are many more areas and opportunities for development, since America specializes in promoting business not only in its own country, but throughout the world.

Green card lottery

America gives those who want to move a huge chance, which has helped many people radically change their lives for the better.


American athletes and fans are more reckless and aim to win. Although Canadians and adherents of such an aggressive sport as hockey, they are more polite and calm about sports life here.

Platform for implementation

Whether a businessman is a careerist, even a musician or a writer, there is more opportunity for representatives of any profession in America to realize their abilities. Talented immigrants are highly valued here, helping them on their way to success.

Advantages of Canada for Immigration

Let’s talk about Top 10 things why Canada is better than the USA.

Maternity leave

In America, having a child is not a good enough reason for long-term paid leave. In the United States, one of the newly minted parents is entitled to leave of up to 12 weeks without pay. While in Canada the decree is paid and can last 17 0 52 weeks.

Higher education

The cost of studying in Canada is 2-3 times cheaper than in America. Even the residents of the States themselves admit this – 40% of the students of the most famous Canadian university – McGill University – are Americans.

Medical service

Just as with education, Canadian medicine is half the price of American medicine.

Environmental situation

According to the World Health Organization, the air in Canada is the cleanest in comparison with all other developed countries.

Security level

It is much safer to live in Canada than in the States, according to statistics. Moreover, this also applies to serious offenses and incidents. Loud, high-profile cases since 1982 in Canada can be counted on the fingers of one hand, which cannot be said about the United States.

Life expectancy

The average age of Canada’s residents is three years older than Americans, at 81.

Freedom of economics

According to the Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom, America is ranked 10th, four places behind Canada.


Canada is one of the most peaceful countries and is ranked 8th on the list, while America is in 100th place.

Health of the nation

Only 24.2% of Canadians are overweight, in contrast to the American population, whose rate is almost 40%.

Satisfaction with life

According to research data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Canadians are slightly more satisfied with life than Americans. Canada’s indicator is 7.4 points, America’s is 7.


In general, if a person migrates in order to build a career, earn capital, achieve success, and is ready to work tirelessly for this day and night, then it is better to go to the USA. And if a migrant wants a calm and measured life, raising children in safety and avoiding all kinds of political cataclysms, then Canada will be the best place for this.

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