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USA: Seattle places to visit

One of the city’s most active attractions is the piers. There are places to rest, boat tours, and ferry docks. In this city, there are also many interesting attractions, such as the Great Ferris Wheel.

Space Needle Tower

The main symbol of Seattle is the Space Needle. It was built in 1962 specifically for the opening of the international exhibition. The tower is part of the modern Seattle Center, which regularly hosts a wide variety of cultural events.

city buildings during night time

The tower is 183 meters high. On one of its top floors, there is an excellent observation deck, from the height of which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city, the bay, and the channel of Lake Michigan.


Public Library Building

One of Seattle’s most spectacular modern landmarks is the Public Library building. It has an unusual asymmetric shape. The building has 11 floors and is completely constructed of glass and steel. The facade of the Public Library is covered with beautiful mirror tiles. It is especially interesting to admire them on a sunny day. The library’s book fund is one of the largest in the country. It contains more than 2.5 million books.


Dale Chihuly’s Garden

Lovers of modern art and picturesque nature will be interested in visiting Dale Chihuly’s garden. Its founder is a famous glassblower artist. He worked on the formation of a unique garden for more than 40 years. Here, you can see not only unique living plants but also gorgeous glass flowers and trees. Some sculptures look so natural that, at first glance, it is difficult to distinguish between living plants and glass ones.


Pop culture museum

Fans of modern music and cinema will be interested in visiting the Pop Culture Museum, which also occupies a very noticeable and original building in a futuristic style. The museum presents interesting modern expositions dedicated to sensational films of recent years, famous musical groups, and performers. Some of the museum’s exhibits are interactive. During the excursion, museum visitors will be offered to learn how to play various musical instruments and even try themselves in the role of famous film characters.


man in brown jacket statue

Chewing gum wall

There are also quite unusual sights in the city, including the Wall of Chewing Gum. It appeared in the city back in 1993 and is located near the theater. Once upon a time, students queuing for theater tickets began sticking coins on the wall with chewing gum. Over the years, the city officials tried to combat such a mess and diligently cleaned the wall, but colorful gum reappeared. Today, the wall covered with chewing gum is a city landmark. Tourists come here specifically to repeat the ritual of local students.

people beside red brick building


Things to do in Seattle

A well-kept and modern city, Seattle is renowned for its many parks and natural areas. Kerry Park is a real city attraction. Here you can relax in the shade of the mighty trees and enjoy the panorama of the city. Many tourists visit the park especially to take memorable photos. Discovery Park is larger and no less attractive. It is a real find for lovers of morning jogging and cycling. The park is located along the coast. On its territory, there is an interesting tourist site – an old lighthouse. 

You can admire the beautiful flowers in the Volunteer Park Conservatory, which is more than a hundred years old. A popular destination for travelers with children is the local Woodland Park Zoo. Lively and well-groomed, it has become home to many exotic animals. For young visitors, the zoo conducts educational excursions and offers to meet the friendliest inhabitants.

Travelers who visit the city in summer should relax in Green Lake Park. There is a small lake on its territory. In hot weather, it attracts both locals and tourists to the park.

For sunbathing and evening barbecues, Alki Beach is perfect. It is considered the busiest and most beautiful in the city. In winter, Seattle attracts ski lovers. The most famous ski area is the Alpental Ski Area which offers its guests excellent ski and snowboard trails. There are equipment rental centers and attractive gastronomic establishments on its territory.


Seattle attractions for families with children

Seattle has a lot of fun activities that both kids and adults will love. One of the favorite attractions among tourists is the Seattle Great Wheel. It is installed in one of the city parks on the waterfront. Anyone who loves original entertainment is worth a ride on this Ferris wheel. From its cabins, you can admire the famous city sights. With the onset of darkness, the wheel is always decorated with spectacular illumination. 

One of the main attractions of Seattle is the Woodland Park Zoo, which will also captivate guests from the first minute. This zoo has a unique landscape design, where you can see animals from all over the world. There is a large artificial lake in which pink flamingos live, and there is also a lake with hippos. A spacious enclosure with an abundance of greenery is equipped for lions, and in one of the enclosures, you can see a rare red panda. The zoo also has one more attractive feature: with the onset of darkness, trees and ornamental plants located on its territory are decorated with colorful garlands.

The Seattle Aquarium also offers its visitors a very interesting and educational excursion. The collection of this center is very diverse: rare variegated fish, sea urchins, octopuses of impressive size, and many other representatives of the underwater world live in its aquariums. For some marine life, special pools have been equipped. Visitors have the opportunity to touch them. The aquarium is located on the waterfront. It is considered a great place to relax even with small children.

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