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Vacation in Vietnam

Flag of Vietnam

Whether you are a nature lover or enjoy the hustle of a city – Vietnam has many things to do and places to visit for everyone.

Although it is nearly impossible to do and visit all of the things and places Vietnam has to offer at once, we have made this list of the most interesting things to do in Vietnam.

Visit Halong Bay

brown boat in the water surrounded by mountains

This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. More than 1’600 limestones rise above the bay’s turquoise waters to offer one of the best views in Vietnam.

You can either take a cruise trip along these limestone peaks or visit the caves that they hide. If you are looking for a quiet place, then you might want to go to the nearby Bai Tu Long Bay that offers unexplored caves, wild beaches, and equally stunning scenery.

Explore the world’s largest cave

If you enjoy wild traveling, then indulging in cave adventures could be one of the things to do in Vietnam for you. Quang Binh province is a region in Vietnam with barely penetrable jungle and deep caves scattered across it. Amongst them lies the largest cave in the world – Hang Son Doong.

You can explore its impressive views by hiring a local guide. In the nearest village – Phong Nha, you will also be able to rent a gear to visit the cave safely. If you are not so keen on deep caves, then the whole area is famous for its trekking. The surrounding jungle is filled with small rivers, waterfalls and noisy population of monkeys.

Look for the best traditional meal in Hanoi

Vietnam is famous for many of its traditional dishes. One of them is a Vietnamese staple “pho”. It is made from clear stock, boiled beef, rice noodles and different herbs. You will be able to find it both on street corners and in fancy restaurants.

To make it an adventure, visit the proclaimed “pho” capital – Hanoi city. Every restaurant here has its own secret recipe for this dish.

Light a lantern in Hoi An

If you are thinking of visiting Vietnam around the time when year comes to an end, then you should experience Vietnamese New Year in the city of Hoi An.

Around this time of the year, Hoi An is transformed into a city of a thousand lights. The Lantern Festival that is happening here every year lasts for seven days. You will be able to choose the best looking lantern from one of the 50 workshops and visit the old town that sparks with life.

It will be crowded, festive and you will hear lots of spontaneous singing. For this reason, this might be one of the best places to visit for a local experience.

Visit Bac Ha market

This might be one of the best things to do in Vietnam for experiencing local life. Visit the Bac Ha market in the Sapa region to see a traditional Vietnamese market and the way people interact here.

You will find men and women from all around the region wearing their traditional clothes and selling almost everything you can imagine. Visit the market rather early in the morning to catch it at its most vibrant and colorful state.

Cruise the Mekong Delta

After flowing all the way from Tibetan Himalayas, Mekong slows down its pace to flow into Vietnam. Here the river flows right past islands, rice paddies, and stilted villages.

By taking a boat ride along its waters, you will be able to see the way of life Vietnamese people lead and the scenery that they enjoy.

You can also take one of the commercial cruises like the one from Cai Be to Can Tho. In this way, you will be able to see the calm Vietnamese nights on a river.

Visit the Golden Bridge

brown wooden bridge under blue sky during daytime

If you are keen on exploring some of the most recent tourist attractions in Vietnam, then the Golden Bridge is the place to visit. This spectacular bridge is supported by two gigantic hands that seemingly hold it together.

The whole place looks like a scene out of a fantasy movie. Surrounding mountains in the background and the scale of this bridge make it even more incredible. This bridge is actually an addition to an amusement park called Sun World Ba Na Hills.


There are many places to visit and things to do in Vietnam. These are the ones that we chose for you to have the best experience of Vietnam in terms of nature and local culture.

Pick the places that you think you would enjoy the most and head on to explore the magnificent adventure that Vietnam will give you.

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