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  • Taiwan: relocation guide

    Taiwan: relocation guide

    Taiwan relocation guide. Administered by the Qin Dynasty between 1683 to 1661, Taiwan sits at the crossroads of the East and South China Seas. Though Taiwan is a sovereign state, it is always under the threat of being invaded by its gigantic neighbor, the Peoples Republic of China.

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  • Taiwan: options to obtain passport

    Taiwan: options to obtain passport

    Taiwan – options to become a citizen. Taiwan is a small island off China’s southeast coast, bordered to the northeast by Japan and the south by the Philippines. It’s around 245 miles (395 kilometers) long and 90 miles (145 kilometers) wide.

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  • Taiwanese national parks

    Taiwanese national parks

    National parks of Taiwan. Taiwan is an island state in East Asia. It is officially a part of the Republic of China and it has a very unique natural beauty. The subtropical climate and the volcanic origin make it a worthy place you must visit.

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  • Places to see in Taiwan

    Places to see in Taiwan

    Five landmarks in Taiwan you must visit. Taiwan is an island located East from China stretching 36 000 square kilometers across the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular tourism destination full of picturesque places and breathtaking landmarks of natural beauty.

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