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  • Visa: Schengen versus national

    Visa: Schengen versus national

    Difference between Schengen and National Visa. To travel to a Schengen country, citizens of other states must have a short-term Schengen visa or a long-term national visa.

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  • Visa to Schengen for kids in 2021

    Visa to Schengen for kids in 2021

    Schengen visa (type C) for children in 2021. Traveling with children in Europe together can be a real problem if you don’t know what documents you need to submit to the Consulate in 2021. When traveling abroad, in particular, to the Old World (Europe), mothers and fathers often do not know whether a Schengen visa…

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  • Reasons visa reject in Schengen

    Reasons visa reject in Schengen

    Main reasons why Schengen visa gets denied. These countries do not have border controls between them, so traveling and visiting each country is completely stress-free whether you are traveling for business or tourism. Over 15 million immigrants used a Schengen visa to travel around Europe in 2019.

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  • Schengen Visa: reasons for rejection

    Schengen Visa: reasons for rejection

    Top 10 reasons for refusal of Schengen Visa. To get to Europe you need to obtain a Schengen visa. This is the very first test that an immigrant needs to overcome. Very often, visa officers may refuse to issue a visa. To prevent this from happening, be sure to read this material.

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  • Schengen visa

    Schengen visa

    Types of Schengen visa. Obtaining Schengen visa will generally allow moving freely across Schengen Area member countries as well as the EFTA Schengen member countries. Certain visa types allow you to move only through particular countries.

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