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  • Main reasons visas in Jamaica get denied

    Main reasons visas in Jamaica get denied

    A travel document and an entrance visa are necessary for certain nationals to enter Jamaica. On receipt of an application, a Jamaican consular officer typically issues the visa. The immigration officer at the port of entry in Jamaica makes the decisions about admission and duration of stay in the nation. Whether or not a visa…

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  • Jamaica: immigration guide

    Jamaica: immigration guide

    Moving to Jamaica: full relocation guide. Are you thinking of moving to Jamaica? You are going to need a ton of things such as a visa, valid passport, insurance…and this guide. Famous for its reggae music and alluring colors, it is an island nation with quite several appeals.

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  • Jamaica: options of becoming a citizen

    Jamaica: options of becoming a citizen

    Citizenship in Jamaica. Jamaica is known for being the home of music and shaking; however, the country has so much more to offer. The land features several of the top coastlines in the Caribbean, as well as breathtaking scenic views such as cliffs and lakes, and generates many of the planet’s purest coffees.

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