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Belgium: best cities for living

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The best city to live in Belgium in 2020 was Brussels. The Belgian capital is the center of political life in the European Union, where the headquarters of important international organizations are located. In addition, the offices of large Belgian companies are concentrated in Brussels, which creates favorable conditions for employment in Belgium.

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The population is over 1 million people. The capital of Belgium continues to delight with the exceptional variety of its real estate and well-defined social comfort. There is a place for everyone in Brussels – all you have to do is choose the area and rent or buy a beautiful apartment.


Antwerp is the second-most populous city in Belgium, with a population of about 460,000. There are many international schools and universities, as well as English-speaking societies and clubs. Thanks to its large port and developed industry, Antwerp offers good conditions for both professional employment and doing business in Belgium.

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The third place in the list of the best cities to live in Belgium is Leuven. The population is only 93 thousand people. Here is the first Belgian university, which was founded in 1425. Today it is the largest and most prestigious university in the country, the center of Belgium’s research potential. There is a special student atmosphere in Leuven.

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Just over 230,000 people live in Ghent. Due to the dynamic combination of cosmopolitan and provincial environments, this city is often called the most beautiful one in Belgium. There are many canals, so it is possible to buy real estate or rent an apartment with a magnificent view of the water. Ghent has become home to a large number of immigrants from different countries.

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Bruges closes the ranking of the best cities to live in Belgium. Widely known as “Northern Venice”, it is one of the most attractive Belgian cities with cobbled streets, medieval canals, and beautiful buildings. The population is about 116 thousand people. Bruges has many restaurants, cafes, chocolate shops, and cozy horse-drawn carriages for excursions.

white and brown concrete buildings near bodies of water


Accommodation in the kingdom is relatively affordable. The cost of € 500-600 per 1 m2 can be scary at first, but after comparing it with other countries in Europe, it becomes clear that the situation is not so sad. After several years of work, almost every resident of Belgium is able to buy a house or apartment.

A mortgage for the purchase of housing is issued if a person pays 40% of the cost. The term for which they receive a loan is up to 30 years, the interest rate is 6% per annum.

A studio apartment in a good area is rented for 500-600 € per month, a one-room apartment for 600-800 € (the size of such apartments here is 50-70 m2). The cost of a two-room apartment starts from 800 €. It has 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room, which are combined. When comparing the cost of rent and the average salary of Belgians, it is clear that they spend 30-40% of their monthly income on housing.

The demand for housing is huge. Dozens of families apply for 1 apartment. It is necessary to take into consideration one important nuance: often there is no furniture in rented apartments. Therefore, you should prepare for additional costs in advance.

A standard lease is concluded for a period of 9 years. The Short-term is for 3 years. You should choose an apartment responsibly because violation of the conditions entails a fine. If you leave during the first year of the lease, you will have to pay an amount equal to three payments per month. If you move to the second year, you will pay 2 monthly costs, and in the third year, it will be one. Similar rules apply to nine-year contracts.

The population of Brussels is gradually declining. For an average apartment with an area of 100 m2, they pay € 85,000. And the number of residents of Antwerp has doubled in the last half-century, which affects prices in the real estate market. A square meter here costs 880 €.

Cost of utilities and other services:

  • light and heat – 100-150 €;
  • water – 50-70 €;
  • home phone – 30-50 €;
  • mobile – 20-40 €;
  • cable TV – 12 €;
  • Internet – 40 €.

In conclusion, we note that there are only five above-mentioned best cities to live in Belgium. In general, the country has an excellent infrastructure, a quality health, and education system. It is a safe state with an interesting culture, beautiful architecture, and delicious cuisine.

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