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Student bank account opening in Croatia 

One of the best places in Europe to retire is Croatia. There are no issues with jobs or starting a family for foreigners in this country. There are numerous places where you can live, work, and unwind that are serene, peaceful, and secure.

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You will want a bank account if you do intend to reside in Croatia for jobs, schooling, or retirement.

Five home savings banks and 28 commercial banks are independently regulated by the Croatian National Bank. It is the major organization tasked with overseeing the banking industry’s issues.

Best Croatian banks

One of the strongest and most active economic sectors in Croatia is the banking industry. Over 70% of the total assets in Croatia’s banking industry are under the hands of the top five banks.

Foreign organizations possess more than 80% of all banking assets.

The Italian UniCredit Group owns and governs Zagrebacka Banka. The Italian Intesa Sanpaolo Group owns the Privredna Banka, while the Austrian Erste Group runs the Erste & Steiermärkische Bank.

Selecting the best bank can be very challenging due to the abundance of local and foreign banks in the nation.

Living in the nation’s capital, Zabreg, where there are more banks than anywhere else, makes choosing between them even more difficult.

If you’re an EU citizen and wish to continue using your home country’s account, using an international bank is the best option.

How to open a Croatian bank account

As long as you adhere to the restrictions and conditions set forth by the financial institution, opening an account is rather simple and easy.

You can choose between current accounts, Giro accounts, and savings accounts with many banks.

Although there are no limitations on the amount of foreign currency you can bring into or take out of the country, you can even have an account in either Kuna or any other foreign currency. However, there are some limitations to Kuna’s freedom of movement.

The greatest feature of Croatian banks is that you can open an account without a residence permit. Simply said, your account will be labeled as a “non-resident account”.

You must come to the bank with a copy of your ID, a utility bill as proof of domicile, and a small deposit if you wish to open a bank account here.

Student accounts are free throughout the state, but charges and other fees for accounts differ between banks and accounts.

What do I need to open a bank account in Croatia?

It’s rather simple to open a bank account in Croatia, and you are not required to be a resident to do so. However, you will require the following:

Means of identification

Identification that can be verified, such as a passport, social security card, driver’s license, or any document issued by the government


A deposit: the minimum amount needed for this can vary depending on the type of account you’re starting, but only Euro (EUR) or Croatian Kuna is accepted (HRK)

Residence permit

A residence permit, which is only necessary if you already possess one because non-residents are permitted to create “non-resident” bank accounts (but you will need to obtain a personal identification number, which comes from the Ministry of Finance)

The specific paperwork that each bank needs will differ, but if you have them all, you can open an account.

Can I open a bank account?

There are a few banks in Croatia that allow you to open an account online, including Primorska Banka, Croatia Banka, and Raiffeisen Bank. Many banks in Croatia require you to visit a branch in person.

You must get in touch with the bank to request the necessary forms so that you can submit an online application. Then, print, fill them out, and then sign them before returning them with a copy of your ID (for example, a passport or Croatian foreign national ID card).

As was already said, not all banks offer the possibility of creating an account online. As a result, if you have a particular bank in mind, you must inquire about its capabilities immediately.

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