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Student bank account opening in Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is one of the most dynamic and fascinating nations in Europe, with a rich history, vibrant culture, expanding GDP, and a welcoming population that welcomes visitors and newcomers alike. It should come as no surprise that its major towns, like Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna, have ever-expanding expat populations made up of people wishing to live abroad, study abroad, or retire. The nation contains a little bit of everything we enjoy, including mountains, the stunning Black Sea, and breathtaking national parks.

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You will likely need to know how to create a bank account in Bulgaria if you plan to make this place your home for at least a while.

What are the documents needed to open a bank account

In Bulgaria, opening a bank account is simple, and language barriers are probably your largest obstacle. Having a translator on hand will make things much simpler since paperwork and forms will be in Bulgarian and English is less widespread there than in other European nations. Having assistance is undoubtedly beneficial.

The following list of papers is needed to create a bank account in Bulgaria:

Expect to fill out numerous papers and be required to sign numerous documents because there is a lot of paperwork to complete. A bank card will be sent to the address you supplied and will arrive in about a week. The card can also be picked up directly from the branch in person.

Best bank in Bulgaria 

The banking system in the country is highly strong, and it offers its citizens branches and ATMs all around the country. As is typical around the world, some regional banks have a significantly greater presence alongside global juggernauts that concentrate on business and investments.

When selecting a bank, we advise choosing one with easy access and nearby ATMs. Since Internet banking is common in Bulgaria, you will likely conduct the majority of your financial transactions online, thus it is crucial that you have quick access to nearby ATMs when you need cash or to make payments for bills.

List of retail banks

Here is a list of retail banks with a strong presence in the country

UniCredit Bank

One of the biggest banks in Bulgaria is Unicredit Bulbank, which has a sizable network of branches and ATMs. Their app is available in English, and they offer all standard banking and financial items.


An Austrian bank with a sizable presence in Central and Eastern Europe is Raiffeisen. They have many ATMs and over 150 branches in Bulgaria, many of which are conveniently situated inside shopping malls.


DSK offers a good variety of cards as well as investment and savings opportunities. There are many ATMs. They specialize in working with corporate clients, and they have good internet banking.


With a branch or ATM in almost every town, Postbank has a sizable presence in Bulgaria. An ID will do to open an account here, which is pretty simple.

Account opening for non-residents

The only things you need are your passport and the address you’ll use to register. As a non-resident, opening a bank account in Bulgaria is simple.

Opening a bank account is not too difficult. It is possible to discover workers who speak English in some branches, which will be useful. A numbered queueing system, which is widely used in Bulgaria, will be used to shorten lineups.

Asking the person activating your account for a list of all fees will provide information on monthly fees, debit card fees, and other significant charges that may come as a surprise if you aren’t familiar with the bank’s pricing plan.

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