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Visa acquisition for Singapore


According to Singapore’s visa policy, nationals from 34 countries are not required to get a visa when visiting the country for periods that vary from 30 to 90 days. Additionally, 15 other nationalities can apply for an online visa called Singapore e-visa.

In this article, you will learn how to determine if you need a visa as well as how and where to apply for it.

How to know if you need a visa to go to Singapore?

In general, you have two options for finding out if you need to get a visa to go to Singapore. The first option is to check the visa policy of Singapore. However, a much easier option is to use iVisa visa checker.

All you must do when using visa checker is simply choose the country you are from. You will then be able to see the visa type that you need to apply for. You will also see the cost, processing fee, number of entries, and processing time.

Where to apply for a visa?

By using the visa checker, you will be able to see the easiest option for you to apply for a visa if you need one.

In case you are eligible for a Singapore e-visa, you will be able to apply on the spot. If you are not eligible for an e-visa, you will see a list of embassies where you can apply after you enter the country you are from.

In general, you can apply for a visa either online or at the embassy.

Applying for a Singapore visa at the embassy

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In case you are neither visa-exempt nor you qualify for an e-visa, you can apply for a visa at the nearest embassy of Singapore. It is best to learn the application process and requirements at the website of your nearest Singapore embassy.

The visa application at the embassy can be submitted in three ways. You can submit it online, in-person or by mail.

To be able to apply for a visa online, you must have a local sponsor with a Singapore citizenship or permanent resident status. The sponsor must be at least 21 years old and have a SingPass account. In such case, your sponsor can apply for your visa via the SAVE system at Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)’s website.

You can also submit your application in person. First, you will need to schedule an appointment with the embassy since walk-in appointments are not possible.

Alternatively, you can submit your visa application through the mail. In such case you must mail all of the required documents and your application form for the embassy to process.

Required documents

To apply for a Singapore visa, you must have several documents ready. Below, you will see the documents that all embassies will require.

  • Detailed travel plan including copies of tickets and accommodation proof.
  • Valid travel document that is valid for at least 6 months at the time of departure.
  • Enough funds to prove you can sustain yourself for the visit period.
  • A valid visa to your next destination if necessary.
  • Passport size photo taken within 3 months. The photo must be in color with a white background and your face must be clearly visible.
  • Your contact details such as contact number and email address on a separate document.
  • Yellow fever vaccination if applicable.

Prior to applying, check the embassy requirements for documents since they might require additional documents.

Applying for an e-visa

If you are eligible to get a Singapore e-visa, then the process of applying for it is easy. It should take less than 20 minutes to apply for an e-visa.

First, you must prepare a valid passport that doesn’t expire for at least 6 months from the day you leave Singapore, a recent photo of yourself in digital format, a valid email address, and valid online payment means.

Once you have prepared all that is necessary, you can move on to filling out the online application form for Singapore e-visa.

In the form you will first be required to provide general information about yourself and choose processing time for your application. Then you will have to check the information you entered and pay for your visa. Finally you will have to upload some documents.

If everything is good, you can receive your e-visa in your inbox as fast as within 18 hours.

Checking your visa application status

After you have submitted your visa application, you will be able to see your application status by following these steps.

  • Go to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority ICA website.
  • Choose “Frequently accessed eServices” and click on “Visa(SAVE)”.
  • Click on “Status enquiry”.
  • Type in your application reference number and travel document number.

By following these steps, you will be able to see if your visa application was approved. If it was, you will be able to get a copy of your e-visa.


Applying for a Singapore visa is a relatively easy process if you are eligible to apply for an e-visa. However, if you are not eligible for an e-visa, you will have to apply for your Singapore visa through nearest diplomatic mission of Singapore.

To apply through a diplomatic mission, you will have to learn the specific application process through the website of this diplomatic mission.

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