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Famous Singapore hotels

Hotels in Singapore

Whether you are visiting short term, or you have planned a rich itinerary for a longer time, it is guaranteed that you won’t run out of quality options of accommodation with a unique style and character. Here are our picks of the hotels to stay in Singapore.


Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This triple-towered, 55-story mega building has been developed at the cost of $8 billion Singapore Dollars. It holds the status of being the most expensive stand-alone integrated resort property ever built.

It has been designed by Moshe Safdie and offers accommodation that is one of a kind. The gravity-defying platform on top of the three hotel towers makes an impressive appearance with the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool.


The Fullerton hotel

This hotel is built with great consideration of the Neoclassical era. Many tourists and locals come to stay here and to admire the building of this accommodation.

It has been named a national monument of Singapore and there is no doubt that it is. Its Doric columns stand strongly against a shining cityscape right by the Singapore River. While staying here you will enjoy luxury accommodation with high-ceiling suites, Italian marble floors, and many more high-class features.


Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

This award-winning hotel has an iconic style that won’t leave you disappointed. This hotel started its life as a Dynasty Hotel in 1982 and since then it has been one of the best hotels in Singapore.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s prime shopping and entertainment district, the location of this accommodation is arguably one of the best ones available.


Raffles Singapore

Raffles Singapore is renown for its colonial-era splendor and explicit service. Oriental rugs, teakwood floors, and the grace of history make this accommodation a special one.

There are 12 “Personality Suites” that have been decorated with memorabilia of the celebrities that have stayed in this remarkable hotel. However, all the rooms in this hotel offer splendid warmth and class.


Capella Singapore

This hotel is a beachfront oasis located on Sentosa Island, only ten minutes away from downtown. The inspiration for this building came from Tanah Merah’s Malay translation red earth.

This unique accommodation combines colonial heritage with modern designs. Three cascading pools with lush greenery, award-winning spa, and breathtaking views will make your stay in Singapore unforgettable.


The Warehouse Hotel

Located in the former warehouses right across the Singapore River, this hotel stands out with its industrial details inspired by Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis. The interior is made with modern industrialism in mind and offers lots of interesting details. Steel, glass, and leather dominate the rooms in this known accommodation in Singapore.


Mandarin Oriental Hotel

This is a warm and welcoming place for those who enjoy comfortable elegance. Mandarin Oriental Hotel interior contains warm hues and dark wood and is always vibrant and lively. It is also renowned for the quality of its restaurants. Many come here to enjoy holidays with comfort and class.


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The most impressive feature of this hotel is the combination of the luxurious and old school. The iconic views that you get from its spacious guest rooms and suites combined with superb interior make this hotel one of the best accommodation choices in Singapore. You can unwind in the outdoor swimming pool or enjoy an exceptional meal in its restaurants.


Shangri-La Hotel

The first thing that will make you note that this is not your average hotel stay is the doormen dressed in Tibetan-inspired uniforms. With the warm welcome, you will then proceed to the vast lobby supported by Neoclassical columns decorated with rich foliage wall. This accommodation has a calm vibrancy that will help you have the most out of your stay.


Four Seasons Hotel

This is a place where guests come to receive exceptional service. Four Seasons Hotel keeps a database with detailed information to make predictions about your needs to make your stay the best it can be. Of course, the rooms are spacious, and its location in the quiet area of Orchard is hard to beat.


Grand Park City Hall Hotel

The main entrance is decorated with a massive bronze gate. Starting with marble floors and lattice panels, the heritage theme is present throughout the hotel. This place offers you a reasonably priced accommodation in a strategically located place with world-class quality.


The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

This hotel has been established in the historical movie theatre. Capitol Theatre was opened in 1930 and at the time was the biggest and most modern cinema in the Far East. In 2018, this place was reopened as one of the hotels in the Kempinski hotel chain. Now it is one of the best hotels in Singapore offering the best service and atmosphere.



Singapore is a vibrant city with many options both for locals and visitors. Many high-class hotels offer accommodation with style. Starting from hotels that radiate heritage to hotels of pure modernism, in this article, we covered the best hotels in Singapore.

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