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Moldova: Citizenship by investment

2 Passports

By acquiring a second passport in Moldova, you will gain access to 122 destinations, including Schengen Area, Russia, and Turkey.

Acquiring citizenship in Moldova by investment

The MCBI program requires applicants to donate to Moldova through the Public Sustainable Development Fund of Moldova. In exchange, the applicant will go through the due diligence process, including thorough background check, to get a second passport. This is done to make sure that the applicant doesn’t pose any threat to Moldova.

To qualify for Moldova’s citizenship, the applicant must be at least 18 years old, meet the requirements, and make the donation.

The amount of donation depends on how many people are in the family.

  • A single applicant must donate EUR 100’000;
  • A couple must donate EUR 115’000;
  • A family of four must donate EUR 145’000;
  • A family of five or more must donate EUR 155’000.

Additionally, a post-approval government service fee of EUR 35’000 per applicant must be paid. These are not the only fees that an applicant would have to pay. Applicants must also pay government fees, due diligence fees, and biometric passport fees.

Government fees include EUR 5’000 for the main applicant, EUR 2’500 for a spouse, EUR 2’500 for a dependent child aged 16 to 29 years, EUR 1’000 for a child younger than 15 years. For a dependent parent older than 55 years, the government fee of EUR 5’000 would have to be paid.

Due diligence fees are EUR 6’000 for the main applicant. For the spouse, dependent child over 16 years old, and dependent parents, these fees are EUR 5’000.

The passport fees are EUR 300 per each individual.

Acquiring citizenship in Moldova using other options

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Asides from citizenship by investment donation option, it is possible to acquire Moldova’s citizenship by investing in real estate or government stocks, bonds, and securities. In both cases, you would have to invest at least EUR 250’000. Additional fees will also need to be paid.

Moldova has relatively low real estate prices. In addition to buying real estate, you have an option to invest in a brand-new Radisson hotel. In this case, you would buy a room for EUR 290’000 in a hotel with guaranteed income for the first years and citizenship for all of your family. This project was founded by citizenship by investment program.

Another option is to invest in non-interest bearing bonds, stocks, or securities. In this case, you would have to invest EUR 250’000. After 5 years your investment would be returned and you would still be a citizen of Moldova.

Exceptions for citizenship by investment program

To acquire a second passport in Moldova, your background will get thoroughly checked. In case you have any criminal record, you won’t be able to acquire Moldova’s citizenship.

The same goes for those who were denied a visa to any country Moldova has visa-free or visa-on-arrival agreement. Moldova is recognized worldwide for the thorough due-diligence process they implement to avoid any possible offense in the future.

Requirements for obtaining the citizenship

To be able to obtain a second passport through citizenship by investment option, you must meet the following criteria.

  • You are not an EU citizen
  • You have no sanctions, restrictions or bans in European Union countries, USA, UK or Canada
  • Your criminal record is clean
  • Source of income is confirmed and legal
  • Have good personal and business reputation
  • You have a good credit history
  • You are in good health

How to apply for citizenship by investment program

First, you will have to submit specified government forms and required personal documentation. The documents include:

  • Passport copies
  • Birth certificates
  • Police certificates to prove you have no criminal record

Prior to submitting your documents, you will need to pay all of the fees. After you or your representative submit your documents in for consideration by the Government of Moldova, a due-diligence process will begin.

The due-diligence process consists of 4 levels. During the first level, public databases will be searched. This includes all sanction databases. During the second level, all information on the internet and other sources will be searched and screened.

The third level means that your information will get checked by independent special agencies. The last level involves the check by the Central Committee for the fight against corruption, and by the Security and Intelligence Service.

Based on the results after this due-diligence process, you be either approved or disapproved for citizenship by investment program.


You have three investment options to consider for citizenship by investment program. You can donate EUR 100’000 plus fees to the Public Sustainable Development Fund of Moldova. You can also invest EUR 250’000 or more into real estate or stocks, bonds, and securities.

By acquiring Moldova’s citizenship, you will have visa-free access to 122 destinations. This includes the Schengen Area, Russia, and Turkey.

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