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Landmarks of Iceland

Flag of Iceland

The variety of landmarks in Iceland is incredible.

There are endless possibilities to surprise yourself. Simply visit some of the most popular landmarks in Iceland and you will get amazed by every landmark along your travel route. Therefore, we have created this list of the most popular and stunning landmarks in Iceland that you must visit.

Blue Lagoon

This lagoon, located in the southwestern part of Iceland, hosts a pool called the Blue Lagoon. It is a world-renown spa that many come to visit. And there is a reason behind why this landmark became so popular.

The pools rest right above lava filled with incredibly blue waters. The waters are proven to hold healing power. Furthermore, you can enjoy a fresh cocktail from a built-in bar, have a nice massage, visit a steam cave or a sauna all while being healed. This is a perfect place to visit for a quality recharge.


waterfalls on green grass covered hill during daytime

This might be the most spectacular two-story water cascade in the whole world. An impressive amount of water flows through this glacier-carved landmark no matter time of the year.

Located in South Iceland, Gullfoss is a popular landmark you must visit. The water of this waterfall comes from the nearby glacier – Langjokull. This glacier is the second largest in Iceland, so make sure to visit it as well.


landscape photography of summit

Kerid is a very unique landmark in Iceland. It is a lake that is located in a volcanic crater in South Iceland. Its appearance is especially appealing because of all the colors that surround it. Minerals of the land make the red color especially expressive. In addition, surroundings are covered with lush greens with the pristine blue lake sitting right in the middle of it all. This popular landmark in Iceland is certainly worth a visit.


Iceland is covered in geothermal spots. Two of the most visited ones are Strokkur and Geysir. If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend that you visit Geysir. It hasn’t erupted in years. On the opposite, you can visit Strokkur.

Strokkur shoots a hot water spring about every 4 to 10 minutes. This geothermal landmark in Iceland is predictable in its activity and usually shoots the water up to 15 meters in height. If you are lucky, you can see it erupting up to 40 meters in height. So it is best to stay safe by looking at it only from the distance while you visit.

Thingvellir National Park

white smoke coming out from the ground

This is a famous landmark where two continents met. Literally!

This UNESCO Heritage site is where the North American and the Eurasian continental plates meet and drift apart. Those who feel more adventurous can snorkel or dive between the plates to have the ultimate Iceland experience.

Thingvellir National Park has an added value of having an interesting history. The Vikings used to gather in this landmark to host Iceland’s parliament that was founded in the year of 930. This makes it one of the oldest parliaments in the world.


elephant island on body of water

The Dinosaur Rock or Hvitserkur as the locals call it is another popular landmark to admire. Located in the North West, this fairy-tale like rock seemingly floats above mirroring water.

Many locals view this popular landmark in Iceland as a place of magic and visit it each year. This is because, in local folklore, the rock is believed to be a petrified troll that once used to live nearby.

Hallgrimskirkja Church

This popular landmark in Iceland represents the city of Reykjavik. The grey tower gracefully stands tall above the modest design of the rest of the city. The iron houses that are scattered all around the church are painted in various colors. This makes up a beautiful sight with the houses and nearby harbor from the tower of the church.

Inside the grand building, you will find a world-famous 15 meters high pipe organ. It was built by famous organ builder Johannes Klais of Bonn.


waterfalls surrounded with rocky mountains

Svartifoss is another popular waterfall in Iceland. It offers a unique perspective on the possible formations of earth. Surrounded by black columnar basalt rocks, this graceful glacier waterfall falls down 20 meters over a cliff.

Its appearance inspired the architecture of the popular Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik. The unique formation of the rocks happens inside a lava flow that cools slowly. This gives way to crystallization of the rock. There are only two such places in the world, so make sure you visit this unique landmark in Iceland.


Iceland is a country of great contrasts. It is wild in its nature and beautiful in its appearance. This country has many popular landmarks that will show you its true beauty no matter where you look. Hopefully, this list of the most popular landmarks in Iceland has helped you to choose the best places to visit.

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