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El Salvador: higher education for ex-pats

Flag of El Salvador

You cannot find a stable job without a permit even though there are over 7,000 international students, multiple public institutions and private universities, and a wide range of career opportunities. Working without a valid work permit is a punishable crime for overseas students. You might be deported to your own country.

For students with economic concerns, the majority of independent universities in El Salvador offer a minimum tuition fee that ranges from $75 to $106 a month. Many institutions also offer free tuition. The top 3 universities in El Salvador as of 2022 are shown below.

Dr. Jose Matias Delgado

The University is one of the tops private academic organizations in the country and was established on September 15, 1977. It was designed as a private organization to develop experts capable of enhancing and leading the governmental, legal, and commercial structures of the time. Since its inception, it has aimed to promote and protect free-enterprise ideas.

The Department of Law and Human Sciences, the Department of Basic Education and Creative Arts, and the Department of Commerce made up the University’s initial academic structure. The institution is known for providing a top-notch education without sacrificing the basics of business ethics.

Numerous physical and electronic assets, including bibliographical documents from the late nineteenth century, are available at the Hugo Lindo Library of the University. Additionally, there are classes, online labs, practice facilities for craftspeople and technicians, athletic fields, computer centers, health centers, counseling services, and experimental labs for chemistry, biology, and agriculture.

As one of the top institutions in Central America, This academia encourages student involvement in theatrical companies, musical groups, community service initiatives, and sports like chess, football, sports, and karate.


University of El Salvador

The university is among the top 5% of the world’s most elite universities. The University of El Salvador is incredibly delighted with its remarkable status and consistently tops reputable global rankings.

The UES is made up of three interdisciplinary faculty and nine historically significant departments in the country’s capital, offering a range of 169 higher education opportunities. Due to its educational, researcher, and organizational relevance as well as its facilities, UES is regarded as a political entity in El Salvador. This has been true since the late nineteenth century, during the period of military dictatorship, the civil war, and up until the present.

Overseas students are welcome to apply to the institution of higher education. The university’s foreign collaboration programs are open to both students and scholarly professionals.

In the academic, cultural, intellectual, financial, and political spheres, this further education institution has been crucial to the growth of Salvadoran civilization. In this location, some of El Salvador’s most significant figures have developed.

Don Bosco University

The No. 677 Agreement of the country’s Ministry of Education was established on March 8 of that year. Architecture, Liberal arts, Financial Studies, Health Disciplines, and Aeronautics are the five departments that make up the institution. Eight master’s degrees and two doctorates are also available, along with postgraduate programs.

It is the only organization in the nation to provide technical jobs in Medical, Aircraft, and Robotics. The DBU is among El Salvador’s most renowned universities, particularly in the technological and organizational fields.

It presently provides master’s programs and degree-level programs. In 2001, the Ministry of Education granted its first national accreditation to the UDB, which was also the first to get a renewal.

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