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Citizenship for Investment Programs (CIP)

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Therefore, one can use one of such offers by making a certain investment which can also serve as a financial contribution to the selected state. There are lots of citizenship for investment programs nowadays, which stand out in terms of their convenience for both, foreign individuals and businessmen.

Countries offering best citizenship for investment programs

Most popular programs according to the internet search resources are offered by the following countries: Dominica, Malta, UK, Cyprus and St.Kitts and Nevis. However, of course, this is not the complete list of all the countries offering citizenship for investment programs.

More countries offering citizenship for investment programs are: Thailand, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Vanuatu, Moldova, Cambodia, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro, US, Bulgaria, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Portugal, Grenada, Latvia, Canada, Greece, Ireland, France, Australia, Jersey, Switzerland, Monaco, Singapore, Serbia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Mauritius, Germany, UAE, Macedonia, Georgia, Panama, Samoa, Turkey.

UK’s citizenship for investment program

There are few options available within the frames of this program: an investment in government bonds/establishing a business or making a bank deposit of 2 million pounds at least. The additional fees are: due diligence fee/ application processing fee, which is 1,561 pounds in total. UK’s passport grants an opportunity to travel visa-free to more than 150 countries, including (Schengen) as well as Canada, Australia and the USA.

Dominica’s citizenship for investment program

Dominican beach.There are few options available within the frames of this program: a donation to the country’s government of 100,000 US dollars for a single applicant, real estate investment of at least 200,000 US dollars for the applicant with a right to resell the property after the 5-year ownership period. The additional fees are: due diligence fee of 7,500 US dollars, 300 US dollar application processing fee, 750 US dollar fee for the certificate of naturalization.


Malta’s citizenship for investment program

Maltese beach.There are several options available: a fund investment of 650,000 euros, purchase a 350,000 euros worth real estate for a 5-year time period with a minimal annual rent of 16,000 euros; government bonds purchase of at least 150, 00 euros and keeping the investment for a 5 years. The additional fees are: a total deposit of 10,000 euros, diligence fee of 7,500 euros for the single applicant, passport fee of 500 euros, bank charges of 200 euros per applicant. Also, if one has a Maltese passport, there is no need to apply for a visa while traveling across the world (160 countries), including the US as well as the UK and Canada.

Cyprus citizenship for investment program

Various options are available: a real estate (or a combination of real estates) purchase worth not less than 2 million euros; establish a business of at least 500,000 euros worth (for the EU and EEA zone countries citizens). Cross-border visa free traveling is also allowed. The program has a high rate of approval and one can apply for it from any country worldwide.

St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship for investment program

As the already described ones, St Kitts and Nevis also has several options offered by a citizenship by investment program: SIDF fund donation (250,000 US dollars), a recoverable real estate investment (400,000 US dollars) with a right to sell the property after a 5 year period. The time frame of the is about 3-4 months. Due diligence fee is 7,500 US dollars for a single applicant. The additional fee is 350,00 US dollars per person. Visa free cross-border traveling is also available.


Top 2019 citizenship for investment programs

Financial experts say that during last seven years the number an amount of citizenship by investment programs grew and there are many countries which may be opening more citizenship programs in the nearest future. However, there is a record number of programs which set for further growth of the market since 1996 after the period of stagnation which was also a dark age of this market until 2011 together with launching an EU-country program. The market has developed since those times as many new programs have emerged.

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According the, most popular citizenship for investment programs this year are:

  • Moldova, requires a 100,000 euro investment;
  • Montenegro, requires 350,000 euro investment in total;
  • Kitts and Nevis (see above);
  • Saint Lucia, requires a 100,000 or 300,000 US dollar investment;
  • Dominica (see above);
  • Grenada, requires a 150,000 US dollar investment;
  • Antigua and Barbuda, requires a 100,000 US dollar investment;
  • Vanuatu, requires a 160,000 US dollar investment;
  • Malta, requires a 900,000 US dollar investment;
  • Cyprus, requires a 2,000,000 US dollar investment;
  • Samoa, requires a 1,000,000 US dollar investment;
  • Turkey, requires 250, 000 US dollar investment;
  • Cambodia, requires a 1.5 million US dollar investment;
  • Bulgaria, requires a 1 million euro investment in government bonds.

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