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The golden years in the United Kingdom

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At the same time, there are two types of it at once

  • by age, which can be claimed by all citizens who have reached certain years;
  • by the length of service.

In terms of the well-being of pensioners, England occupies a leading position even in the European region. Payments upon reaching a certain age, seniority, are carried out by the Department of Pensions and Labor (DWP).

The building of the Department of Labor and Pensions in Leeds This is a special government service that provides the population with a whole range of social services:

  • Pension sector (payment of pensions, soft loans, and benefits);
  • Benefits and assistance in finding a place of employment for persons with disabilities; 
  • Help in finding work for the working-age population, as well as the payment of benefits.
  • Benefits for children.

Such an institution is in incredible demand from the local population, and the total number of its clients exceeds 20 million people. At the same time, the local system of benefits presupposes the presence of three pensions at once – state, labor, and private.

Old-age pension

The starting age, which is necessary to receive benefits, differs for men and women. Representatives of the stronger sex are provided with payments from 65 years, and the weaker – from 60.

The pension system in the UK Among the features of the pension system, it should be noted that there is no prohibition on labor activity for retired persons. This allows you to receive benefits and increase your income through temporary or permanent employment. It is important to take into account that there is a special requirement for persons born before April 6, 1945 – seniority.

He/she must be at least 44 years old, and for those born after 04/05/1945 – 30 years. However, the government plans to increase the retirement age soon. This is due to a significant increase in the standard of living and, accordingly, its duration. There are slightly different requirements for women wishing to receive a pension. At the moment, all female citizens are eligible to receive benefits at the age of 60.

Exceptions are those born before April 6, 1950, who must have at least 39 years of work experience. Those born after April 5 of the same year are entitled to receive payments only after 44 years of work. UK citizens have the opportunity to retire early by receiving an additional part of it. In this case, a person can apply for it after the onset of 55 years. Before reaching this age, retirement benefits can only be awarded if there are health problems.

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The size of pensions 

The pension system of this state provides for the presence of several parts, of which payments to a citizen will consist. The state pension is the main part, the amount of which is the same for all residents of the kingdom who have reached the required age. It is £ 125 per week. Besides, there is a labor pension, the amount of which varies depending on the total length of service of the consumer and the amount of his salary. The legislation of this state provides that payments for citizens who retired after April 06, 2106, will be significantly higher. Also on the site, you can find out the number of pensions in other countries.

At the same time, the system provides for the dependence of the number of payments on the experience – 4.44 pounds for each year per week. 

Accordingly, the minimum allowable pension is £ 44.40 weekly.

To qualify for the retirement pension funds, a citizen must have worked for at least 10 years. The exception is individual entrepreneurs who do not pay contributions throughout their employment but are entitled to contribute them to a special fund to receive pension contributions. 

The UK includes: 

  • England;
  • Scotland;
  • Wales;
  • Northern Ireland.

Pension payments and benefits are the same for them.

Non-state system 

There is an alternative to the state program, which allows even foreign citizens to receive such deductions. The only requirement for a candidate is two years or more experience in any English company. At the same time, unlike the state program, the services of private pension funds do not imply any restrictions on payments. The minimum contribution, as a rule, is about 5-8% of the employee’s total earnings. However, at the request of the citizen, the amount of the contribution can be increased. 

The reform that took place in recent years allows members of private foundations to withdraw up to ¼ of all funds from the balance sheet, which will make it possible to make a large acquisition, improve housing conditions, etc.

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Additional payments

Among other things, several other factors can affect the number of payments received. First of all, this is the fact of military service, received disability, or widowhood. Such circumstances can significantly increase the size of the pension, making the conditions for a citizen more comfortable. World War II veterans who were wounded in battles have the right to apply for more favorable conditions for the payment of pensions. In this case, the pension system provides for the dependence of the amount of the bonus on the severity of the injuries received. 

Among other things, there are many benefits for senior citizens of the UK that can make their daily life much more comfortable. World War II veterans who were injured in battles may qualify for better retirement benefits. 

Obtaining the required seniority

To be eligible for a pension, a candidate will need to prove their seniority. To do this, it is advisable to study the scheme for calculating the experience, finding out the key indicators that affect it. 

Work experience is called Qualifying Years in English and it includes: 

  • All years of work of an employee as employed;
  • The candidate’s salary is at least 155 pounds/week;
  • All years of self-employed;
  • subject to National Insurance;
  • Contributions payments.

The period for which the Child Benefit was granted. Even if there is no work for this period. Other factors. To check the pension status of a citizen, you will need to request the HMRC, which will contain information about the future pension. If the length of service is not enough even for its minimum values, it is advisable to use VNIC by paying the required amount to the fund. Similarly, it is possible to pay off insurance premiums for no more than 6 years, which allows you to receive a pension even with insufficient work experience. 

Thus, retirees in England are rightfully considered one of the most socially protected. Any citizen who has worked on its territory for over 10 years can apply for a pension in this state, which allows foreigners to count on it. At the same time, people can count on the bulk of the state share and allowances that significantly increase their level of well-being.

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