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Reasons to immigrate to Austria

Austria is a little landlocked country in Central Europe noted for its classical music, magnificent beauty, and high standard of living. Austria has one of the best quality of life rankings in the world, with Vienna consistently ranking in the top ten of Mercer’s most livable cities for the previous ten years. There are also benefits for those looking for dependable banking options, fantastic real estate bargains, and stunning views to top it all off. 

Austrian parliament building.

Why you should relocate to Austria

If you’re considering relocating to Austria, you need to have spent more than five years there as a temporary resident before you can apply for permanent residence. If you’ve learned a little German along the way, another 10 years of permanent residence (or four years if you’re an EU citizen) will entitle you to a passport. Now, to the reasons why you should move to Austria:

Very happy residents

In terms of life satisfaction, Austria scores higher than any other member country, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. To put things into context, 82 percent of participants reported having more positive than negative experiences on any given day. Almost all responders to the quality-of-life poll said they knew at least one person who could help them. This figure is also influenced by the area’s pristine mountain air, cultural diversity, and affluence. 

The capital cities of Europe are close by

Austria is right in the center of Europe. You may let your imagination run wild with the options of travel from your home base in Vienna, to Italy to the Czech Republic to Hungary. High-speed train lines traverse Austria, taking you comfortably and conveniently to your destination. You may visit some of the most well-known sites in the world if you live in Austria. A short tour will take you to the sparkling capitals of Prague, Geneva, and Rome.

Permanent resort life

Everybody sometimes needs to get away from the usual, and Austria provides that with its varied opportunities and changing seasons. With the same number of mountain activities available in the summer as in the winter, this place makes it simple to live an endless resort lifestyle. For French, German, and Italian tourists looking for year-round luxury lifestyles, Austria stands out as an inexpensive vacation destination.

Affordable luxury real estate

Austria is a country that offers luxury real estate at a far lower cost than its competitors. It is also quite consistent, especially in alpine places like Zell am See. It’s never been more inexpensive to buy that luxurious cabin you’ve seen in ski magazines. Furthermore, you are not obligated to buy a commercial property. Hundreds of coworking spaces have sprouted up in Austria over the last three years, making them one of the most recent business trends. 

Reputable banking

Although Austria’s financial system is modeled on that of Switzerland, it does not share the humiliation associated with keeping accounts in Swiss numerals. Unsurprisingly, HSBC reported accounts are purposely dodging taxes, and the ongoing discovery of illegal activity is terrible news for your company and you personally. So, why do international banking in Austria? Asset protection is important, and until 2009, Austria’s banking system provided one of the most private financial institutions in the world, until the OECD compelled it to open up. Austria, on the other hand, will not be able to take your money and run like another government any time soon. Austria prioritizes customer satisfaction in all situations, so your money, whether in cash or gold, will be where it needs to be. 

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