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Austria: cost of relocation

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Since 1997, when Austria joined the Schengen Area as an EU member state, foreign visitors have been allowed to apply for an Austrian Schengen Visa.

Austrian Schengen Visa Application

The application and process for an Austrian visa are pretty simple. Before leaving your home country, you must apply for an Austrian residency permit, not an entry permit or visa, if you expect to stay for longer than six months. After arriving in Austria, only EU nationals, spouses, and children of EU and EFTA citizens are eligible to apply for a residence permit. To obtain a residence permit in Austria, you must provide copies of specific documents, such as your passport and birth certificate. The total cost of your Austrian visa/permit will be around 100 EUR.

Earning enough points to acquire a Red-White-Red Card and then an optional Red-White-Red Card plus is one part of Austria’s immigration points system. Basic German language abilities, for example, will earn you five points. Before applying for permanent Austrian citizenship, you must normally live in Austria for at least six years.

  • Children under 6 years: free
  • Children ages 6-12: €40
  • Adults: €80

Work Permits and Visas Based on Employment

Work permits and employment visas in Austria are available in a variety of formats to accommodate professionals in a variety of scenarios. The restricted work permit (valid for one year), the standard work permit (valid for two years), and the unrestricted work permit are some of the most common work permits required by non-EU residents in Austria (valid for five years).

Requirements for Work Visas

A Red-White-Red Card is available to foreign nationals who wish to work in Austria. The application fee should not exceed 150 EUR, which includes the work permit visa application form. The card is valid for 24 months and entitles you to reside in Austria. You can only work for the employer listed on your application during this time.

Very highly qualified workers, skilled workers in shortage occupations, start-up founders, graduates of Austrian universities and schools of higher education, self-employed key workers, and other key workers are among those considered for The Red-White-Red Card. You can move to Austria on a six-month residence visa to look for work if your talents score 70 points on Austria’s eligibility criterion.

You will be qualified for the Job Seeker Visa in particular. Special qualifications and talents, work experience, language skills, age, and studies in Austria are among the prerequisites.

Work Visa Application

The job seeker visa costs €150, and the Austrian Red-White-Red Card (work permit visa) application form costs €120, with the granting and customizing of the card costing an additional €20 each.

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Blue Card EU

An alternative to the Red-White-Red Card is the EU Blue Card. It costs €120 to apply, €20 to receive, and another €20 to personalize. This includes fingerprints, a picture scan, and your signature. It gives you the same job rights as Austrian citizens, as well as free mobility within the EU, social entitlements such as unemployment benefits, better family reunification conditions, and permanent residency privileges.

Visa for Business

You can apply for a business visa if you want to visit Austria for fewer than six months to execute business operations. You will not require a visa if your nation has an agreement with Austria, such as the United States, and you only plan to visit for up to 90 days. If your nation does not have a special agreement with Austria, you can apply for a 90-day visa (known as a C-type visa) or a visa that lasts between 91 and 180 days (called a D-type visa). In Austria, these visas cannot be renewed or extended.

Fees for Permanent Residency in Austria

Naturalization, legal claims, and the extension of citizenship to offspring are all ways to get permanent residency. The fees are as follows:


  • Single people pay a federal fee of €900 and a provincial administrative cost of €150.
  • Married people pay a federal fee of €1600 and a provincial administrative cost of €226.

Legal Claim

A legal claim could imply six years of lawful and unbroken residence as well as evidence of long-term personal integration:

  • Single people pay a federal fee of €700 and a provincial administrative cost of €76.
  • Married people pay a federal fee of €1400 and a provincial administrative cost of €152.

Extension of Citizenship to Children

A €200 federal charge and a €76 provincial administrative fee per child are required.

Requirements and Fees for Temporary Resident Permits

To be considered for a temporary resident permit in Austria, the applicant must have a source of income that covers their living expenses without the need for social or local government aid. In addition, the candidate must have health insurance that covers them in Austria and suitable housing that meets local requirements. Their earnings must meet the ASVG’s standard rates, which are listed below:

  • €33 for singles.
  • €1,399 for couples.
  • €144 for each extra child.

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