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Price of Immigration to Canada

Most visa applications in Canada require payment of government processing costs. These charges are the same regardless of nationality or origin country. Fees for a permanent or temporary residence visa are determined by the number of family members accompanying the lead applicant and are independent of any fees paid to an authorized representative, such as an attorney. Please keep in mind that these fees are subject to change at any time by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

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Permanent residence fees

The cost of permanent residence varies based on the immigration stream to which you apply. Applicants should be aware that once their application has been granted, they will be required to pay the Right of Permanent Residence Price (RPRF), which is a separate fee that all approved applicants must pay regardless of which program they apply to for. The following are the various Canadian Permanent Residence programs and the associated fees:

Business immigration

A primary applicant who wishes to immigrate to Canada via the investor, entrepreneur, or self-employed streams will pay $1625 in fees (without the right of permanent residence fee). The charge for the right of permanent residency is $515, bringing the total to $2140. If the applicant is accompanied by a spouse, an extra price of $850 (without the right of permanent residency fee) or $1365 will be charged (with the right of permanent residence fee). An additional $230 must be paid per dependent if the applicant has a dependent child under the age of 22 or a dependent above the age of 22 who is unable to sustain themselves financially owing to a physical or mental condition.

Economic immigration

Federal Skilled Workers, Quebec Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, Provincial Nominee Programs, Canadian Experience Class, and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot all fall under this category. The processing fee is $850 without the RPRF and $1365 with the RPRF. If the applicant is with a spouse, the processing fee costs an additional $850 without RPRF and $1365 with RPRF. For a dependent kid under the age of 22 who is not a spouse, or a dependant above the age of 22 who is financially unable to maintain themselves owing to a medical or mental condition, an additional $230 is to be paid per dependent.


This applies to the Live-in Caregiver Program, the Home Child Care Provider Pilot (without the work permit fee), the Home Support Worker Pilot (without the work permit fee), and the Home Child Care Provider Pilot. If you’re seeking a work permit, you’ll need to pay for it separately: first pay your caregiver fees and receive a receipt, then pay your work permit fees and receive a second receipt. With your application, include both receipts. The application processing charge is $570, and the right to permanent residency fee is $515, totaling $1,085. The processing price is $570, and the right of permanent residence fee is $515, for a total of $1,085. A dependent child is charged $155.

Cards for permanent residents

A permanent residence (PR) card can only be sent to a Canadian address. Apply for a permanent resident travel document to return to Canada if you are outside of Canada and do not have a valid PR card, or if your card is lost or stolen. It costs $50.

A travel document for permanent residents

The travel document for permanent residents costs $50.

Class of permit holders

The processing charge is $335, and the amount for obtaining permanent residence is $515, totaling $850.

Fees for protected individuals

The fee for processing is $57. If you have a spouse, the spousal processing charge is $570, and if you have a dependent child, the kid processing fee is $155.

Fee for Permanent Residence Permit

The Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) is $515 and must be paid once a permanent residence application has been approved. All applicants and/or sponsored persons who are not dependent children or protected persons must pay this charge. To avoid delays, the RPRF can be paid along with the required processing costs at the time of application. The RPRF cost will be returned if an application for permanent residence is refused and the applicant has paid it. All other processing fees, however, are non-refundable.


The Citizenship application fee for adults 18 years and above is $630 which includes a processing fee of $530 and a right of citizenship fee of $100. For stateless adults, 18 years and above, born to a Canadian parent, a right of citizenship fee of $100 is to be paid. Minors under 18 pay a processing fee of $100

Temporary Residence Visa Fees

Similar to how permanent residence processing fees vary from program to program, temporary resident fees will differ depending on the type of visa:

Visitor Visa

To travel to or transit through Canada, you may need to apply for a visiting visa, depending on your nationality, place of origin, or another status. You must pay the following costs if you need a visiting visa to enter Canada:

  • For single or repeated entries into Canada, a visitor or super visa costs $100 per person.
  • For a family of five or more, a visitor visa for single or multiple entries to Canada costs $500 (all family members must apply at the same time).
  • Extend a $100 guest visa for each individual.
  • Restore a $200 visiting visa for each guest.
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

A $7 electronic Travel Authorization fee will be charged to visa-exempt travelers who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents. The eTA does not guarantee admission to Canada and is only valid for five years.

Work Permit

Work permits in Canada are the same price regardless of the industry you work in or the application stream you use. Per individual, a work permit costs $155. A work permit for a group of three or more performing artists costs $465 (all artists and personnel must apply together). An open work permit costs $100 per person while restoring a work permit costs $355.

Study Permit

Students from throughout the world come to Canada on study visas to enhance their education at some of the world’s best universities. Study permission will cost $150, and restoring a study permit will cost $350.

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