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Iceland: most popular destination

Flag of Iceland

Iceland is world-wide best known for the geothermal areas, Blue Lagoon and other hot water lakes, rainy and cold weather that allows the volcano filled, stone covered horizon looks more out of this world.

Iceland has many things to see and do, and as this country has a pretty harsh climate, it is advised to get many warm clothes before the trip as well as get ready for the expensive food and accommodation as the country is a very high-cost location.

One of the fun facts about Iceland is that a large part of Iceland is covered in glaciers and not many forests around it, therefore, making the unique landscapes around the country. Iceland is one of the eco-friendliest locations in the world as the energy is gotten from the natural elements that land offers, like volcanos and geothermal energy. There is no McDonalds in Iceland, which may seem like a shock to some people. There are not very many people in Iceland in comparison to other countries and very few criminal cases.

Overall Iceland is interesting and quite a treasure to plan your trip to. In the following paragraphs see the few best locations to go and visit when in Iceland.

Lake Myvatn Geothermal Area

Akureyri is one of the many beautiful areas in Iceland with geothermal wonders located in it. One of the most beautiful in the area is Lake Myvatn Are which is a home for many different bird species and the flora that is quite unique. The area has pseudo-craters that line around and gives the volcanic view of the Dimmuborgir that is also filled with black lava.

One of the interesting facts that the Game of Thrones series was actually filmed in this location and therefore exposing too many people who now want to visit this out-of-this-world place.

Skaftafell Nature Reserve

Skaftafell Nature Reserve is another beautiful and breathtaking landmark in Iceland and holds many ice and firefight treasures. The area has birch forests and the black desert of lava that will definitely make you feel like in some other planet. There is also the famous glacier hiking tour available in the area of Skaftagfell Nature Reserve.

Golden Circle tour

The Golden Circle tour is the most famous tour you can take when in Iceland. It takes the adventurers on the five-hour walk to amazing locations, like Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss waterfall. The Gullfoss waterfall is one of the most known waterfalls in Iceland and has the ancient feel of the carved-out valley. The interesting location has many tourists overwhelmed by the often-experienced rainbow of the mist in the air which creates a magical look to this area.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of the world’s famous luxurious rest and spa places as it’s located 10 minutes away from the airport. Blue Lagoon is a geothermal location that gives many spa activities and has beautiful blue, opaque waters in the lagoon. The hot water gives visitors a nice and relaxing experience and is one of the most visited locations in Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon is located on the volcanic Reykjanes Peninsula which gives the lagoon its unique look and the hot water baths. Overall this area is popular amongst the tourists and usually is crowded and hard to book a stay next to this natural phenomenon.


white and black house on green hill under white clouds and blue sky during daytime

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and holds many beautiful locations and experiences to discover when in the city. Reykjavik has a perfect area to experience the world-known phenomenon – the Northern Lights. Reykjavik is also a perfect location to enjoy the art and culture of Iceland. The sculpture Sun Voyager, Harpa Concert Hall, Einar Jonsson Museum, Asmundur Museum, and Reykjavik Art Gallery, and Kjarval Museum.

Visit the Reykjavik streets, like Laugavegur and others by foot and experience the local shops and coffee places. Another well-known landmark is the Hallgrimskirkja Church that is an expressionist-style building with a 360 view of the whole city. It is possible to climb up the tower and enjoy the beautiful view of the city.

Overall Reykjavik offers many different timely activities like shopping centers and nightlife entertainment, but the more relaxed and exploring has to be done in the smaller towns in Iceland.


Vik is a very popular town in Iceland’s South which has recently gone viral because of the Black Sand Beach and the stranded airplane that has been photographed and made very famous. The beach is not a typical one as the waves in the waters are too dangerous and it is not advised to swim in them. Overall the area has a mysterious look to it as the black sand give out of this world view.

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