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New changes to Sweden’s work permit rules

New guidelines for work permits in Sweden went into effect on June 1st, 2022. Both employees and businesses are concerned about the new regulations, which apply to different kinds of work licenses. You will find compiled information about the new regulations on this page.

Some pending recommendations for revisions to the laws governing labor immigration include the new rules for work permits. The regulations that took effect on June 1st, among other things, entail that;

  • An employment contract is required for work permits (previously, an offer of employment was sufficient)
  • There is now a maintenance need for employees who wish to bring their families with them.

A new residence permit has been introduced for highly qualified individuals who want to travel to Sweden to look for work or investigate the possibility of establishing a business here. it is now allowed to submit numerous applications for a two-year extension of a work permit. Previously, work permits could only be held for four years. There is now a requirement for employers to notify employees of any changes to their working circumstances, and there is a penalty for failing to do so.

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A detailed explanation of the new regulations

Here is a list of some of the modifications made to the work permit regulations:

A work permit cannot be obtained without an employment agreement

One of the modifications is that starting on June 1, 2022, a written employment contract will be necessary before a worker can be issued a work permit. An employment offer sufficed in the past. There are some exceptions. For academics, seasonal laborers, and au pairs, among others, an offer of employment is still sufficient.

Additional tests to confirm compliance with the set working conditions

Other regulation adjustments involve audits of working conditions. The employer is now required to notify the Swedish Migration Agency if a job’s working conditions deteriorate. A fine could be imposed on an employer who fails to notify changes to work conditions. To make sure the agreed-upon working conditions are met, the Swedish Migration Agency will also conduct more follow-up checks than in the past.

For employees with accompanying families, there is a maintenance need

An employee must be able to support any family members who wish to immigrate to Sweden as of June 1. This means that her/his salary must be sufficient to pay for the housing and living expenditures of the entire household. The maintenance obligation only applies to initial residence permit applications for family members and not to extensions.

Multiple extensions are possible for residence permits

After four years of holding a work permit, anyone who does not match the conditions for a permanent residence permit may apply for an extended residence permit, which is valid for an additional two years.

Highly qualified individuals can apply for a new residence visa to hunt for work

For persons with advanced degrees, a brand-new residence permit has also been developed. Advanced degree holders now have the option to apply for a residence visa to hunt for employment or explore the idea of establishing a business in Sweden. Such a residency permit may be issued for a period that ranges from three months to nine months. You must possess sufficient funds to maintain yourself while in Sweden and to cover the cost of your return flight, in addition, to completing health insurance to be awarded the permit.

The revocation of residence permits has changed

The guidelines for when a permit is revoked have also changed. Since June 1, employees won’t be deported for small errors or deviations made throughout their job. A permit cannot be revoked if doing so would be deemed unreasonable.

New entry visa for business travel during the processing time

A D-visa, a brand-new type of entrance visa, has been introduced. A person who has asked for an extension of their residence permit may travel outside of Sweden on business while their application is being processed thanks to the entry visa. Only business trips are eligible for a D-visa; other types of travel are not permitted.

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