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Finding work in Asia as an expat

Famous for being the most populous continent in the world, it is quite popular amongst expats looking for better opportunities abroad. With various republics to live in, an expat working here enjoys opportunities such as good pay, medical coverage, pension packages, etc. A region of the world’s most developed economies, most Asian countries boast of a good standard of living, quality infrastructure, a good healthcare system, and employment for their residents. Quite a lot of nations in Asia such as China, Korea, Japan, and Singapore, amongst others are known to be major centers of manufacturing, technology, construction, and production, amongst others. Which is why they are largely filled with foreigners from developing nations in Africa. Despite the job opportunities available here, finding a vacant position is not easy for expats. However, since multinational companies based here are often looking to employ experienced foreigners, an expat who wishes to find work here has to meet the requirements entreated by prospective employers.

If you are looking to find employment here or considering relocating to any Asian country to work, this article provides information on finding work in Asia as an expat.

Findings work as an expat

Several job openings are available in Asian establishments, firms, and plants located in the territory. The traditional method of finding a job is by networking; keeping good relationships with locals who can recommend one when vacancies come up. However, emigrants can search for work on job recruitment portals, social media, and in local newspapers. Job vacancies are frequently advertised on recruiting websites for foreigners, and all they have to do is filter jobs available in their desired country and then apply. Social media apps such as LinkedIn and Facebook groups also offer their users a range of online global job openings they can apply to. Those living in the region can look up jobs in the job sections of local newspapers around them, as companies also advertise vacancies in local newspapers. Foreigners may also find jobs on the recruitment page of their desired company’s website, which they can apply for via the application forms provided on the site.

Work requirements for expats 

Although finding work abroad is not easy, it is not impossible. Countless jobs are available for expats in various sectors of the economy such as manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, health, etc. Regardless of the size of the city, one desires to work in, there are openings for highly skilled and qualified expats that pays well. A foreigner looking to work in any Asian country must be sure to meet the following requirements:

Language proficiency

The continent is a region of various spoken languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Arabic, etc. Residing in any part of the continent requires the ability of an expat to converse in the language specific to the country. Although English is not an official language here, it is commonly sought out by most countries. This implies that expats who are native speakers can find a variety of teaching jobs available to them. Expats who are non-native speakers may apply for teaching jobs after earning their teaching qualification certificate, provided they are highly experienced. Learning to speak the languages is not for employment purposes only, but for easy communication with locals while living in any part of the continent. 

Work visa/permit

Anyone seeking to work outside his or her home country requires a work visa. This is usually issued by the embassy or consulate of the country of choice to newly employed workers who required access for entry. Not every expat needs a work visa before entering the continent to work; this only applies to certain nationals. Emigrants already residing here on a tourist or study visa are allowed to apply for a work permit when they wish to work. 

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