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Sweden: all about visa

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Sweden is a member state of the Schengen Agreement. To move to Sweden, you need to obtain a Schengen or National Swedish visa.

Types of visas to Sweden

First of all, a visa and residence permit are not the same thing. With a short-stay visa (it gives the right to stay in Sweden and the Schengen countries for no more than 90 days) you travel as a tourist, visit friends, relatives or, for example, go on a business trip.

If you are invited to work by a Swedish company, you are enrolled as a student in a Swedish educational institution for more than 90 days; or you enter into a marriage (including civil marriage) with a person living in Sweden – you need to issue a residence permit. In these cases, most likely, the Swedish party inviting you has already provided or will provide you with the necessary information about obtaining a residence permit.

What documents do you need to apply for a Swedish visa?


  • Application form

Filled out in English or Swedish and personally signed by the applicant (the child will also need a questionnaire signed by the parent);

  • International passport

Validity – at least three months from the date of the end of the trip, the signature of the owner and at least two blank pages is required

  • Copy of passport

The first page of the passport plus copies of all old Schengen;

  • The photo

One photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm (see photo requirements below);

  • Copy of internal passport

All pages of the internal passport with records and stamps.

  • Copy of tickets

A photocopy of air tickets or tickets for any type of transport in both directions.

  • Copy of hotel booking

Confirmation of the booked hotel/hostel room. The document must contain all members of the arriving family/company, as well as information about the payment of accommodation;

  • Employment history

Help from work with a prescribed position and salary. For entrepreneurs – a photocopy of the company registration certificate and a copy of the tax payment certificate (tax declaration);

  • Bank statement

The statement must be fresh, no older than 6 months. Confirmation of a sufficient amount of finance at the rate of 450 SEK per day;

rover near road and buildings

For students, schoolchildren

Certificate from the place of study, sponsorship letter with a photocopy of the general civil passport of the sponsor, certificate of work/extract from the sponsor’s account (drawn up according to general rules);

Medical insurance

Medical insurance is valid throughout the Schengen area and for the entire duration of the trip (the amount of insurance coverage is at least 30,000 EUR);

For a business visa

Invitation and a copy of the contract. You need to show an invitation from the host, containing information about the purpose and timing of the visit.

For a private visit

Invitation and/or proof of relationship.

To visit relatives/friends

The invitation, confirmation of legal residence in Sweden, and proof of kinship (if necessary). A written travel plan may be enclosed instead of tickets (for example, in the case of travel by car).

Visa for minors

To visit Sweden, a minor must provide a copy of a birth certificate, consent of parents/guardians (or one parent/guardian) in case of traveling accompanied by a third person or with one of the legal representatives. Single parents must show a photocopy of the corresponding certificate confirming their status.

Photo requirements for Sweden visa

Images were taken 3.5 x 4.5 cm with a head size of 3 cm long, without a frame. The only white background is allowed, paper – matte or glossy. The applicant’s face is centered from the front, for correct identification, the oval must be visible: not covered by hair, massive glasses, scarves, and other objects, unless medical indications require it.

The length of the head from the chin to the crown is about 30 mm (70-80% of the area). The photo is taken from the front, the gaze is directed to the camera, there is no smile.

Photo age – 6 months, for children – 3 months.

Consular fee – 35 €

Currently, the consular fee for all types of visas is 35 EUR.

When applying at a consulate, the cost of a visa is 35 EUR, an additional service fee of 20 EUR is charged at the visa center.


To obtain a visa to Sweden, you must submit your fingerprints. Upon receipt of the Schengen visa, each applicant undergoes fingerprinting using special equipment. After 5 years, when the data is out of date, it must be repeated.

Time for obtaining a visa to Sweden

The Visa Application Center states it takes 3-5 business days to make decisions on applications. Employees of the migration department also issue ready-made passports within 5 days. In rare cases, the processing time increases, the applicant may be asked for additional data.

Validity of visas

A Schengen visa to Sweden is valid for 90 days within six months. Experienced travelers have every chance of an annual Schengen with unlimited entries.

With a competent justification of the need for frequent trips to Sweden (to relatives, at work), you can request a visa with a validity of 2 years or more. To do this, you need to draw up a so-called motivation letter.

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