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Retirement hotspots

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The main goal is acquiring information about where to retire best, which areas are more suitable for retirement, what to do before retirement in order to provide oneself a better future, where to find help and support and other essential questions. In addition, there are various retirement communities and help centres created during the past decades as a happy retirement.

Retirement researches

For example, U.S. news analysis compared 125 largest areas in the country which have a potential for the elderly people in terms of their affordability, peoples’ own desirability, taxation system, job market access, quality of life, health insurance policies. The results of 2 541 people survey showed that people have their retirement preferences such as the best place to retire (in U.S. it appeared to be Florida), the best quality of life which could be provided (Texas communities).

Top 5 best places suitable for retirement

However, U.S. is not the only country which has carried out such researches. According to other data provided by various american as well as european surveys, there are certain similarities and highlights in old people’s preferences, which all create a bigger picture of the topic.

Victoria (Canada, North America)

This place has a great political advantage, starting from U.S. dollar exchange rate and ending with a politeness of people and affordable accommodation prices as this is a rather inexpensive place to live.

However, there are few more attractive options for retiring people such as having two best rated hospitals in Canada, attractive climate with dry summers and snowy winters, overall safety, low cost of living, having a major international airport, beautiful nature sceneries and places to walk and bike, places of cultural attractions keeping elderly people engaged in social and cultural life of the city, while also having worthwhile tourist spots, cafes, restaurants and galleries.

Chiang Mai (Thailand)

This place is also on the top 5 toplist as it has its own serenity and rich historical attractions. Chiang Mai is considered to be a safe place, with a rather low cost of living compared to America and Europe. It has a high level of medical as well as dental care, attracting many tourists, travelling on the basis of medical  purposes.

Moreover, the whole area is rather walkable, it has an old town referred to as an old quarter, historic buddhist temples, its own countryside, providing rather nice hiking opportunities, health encouraging opportunities, night market and expat communities.

Split (Croatia)

This place is a second largest city with the seaside view, attracting thousands of tourists on cruise ships annually. However, this place is also famous for its park referred to as Marjan forest park, an old city, Diocletian’s palace, several national parks and beautiful and attractive waterfront views with places to eat, water sports opportunities for especially active people, safe environment, mild climate, good and rather reliable health system, providing a quite affordable health care which is especially sufficient among elderly people.

This place has its own universities, galleries and cathedrals, museums as well as other exciting, culturally rich and mind boosting attractions. An international airport is not far away in case of arranging trips for visiting relatives and close friends in their home countries.

Adelaide (Australia)

This place first of all has not only one of the most beautiful names, but also one of the most attractive climate rates, affordable cost of living, good medical care opportunities, well-equipped hospitals, teaching facilities, studying opportunities, cultural life with many galleries, exhibitions and festivals as well as concerts, and shows provided for people of different ages.

For those people who are in a good shape, there also are lots of walking facilities located along wide boulevards, open parks, squares and recreation sites, facilities and areas.

Puerto Varas (Chile)

Puerto Varas is called the heart of the chilean lake district as it stretches several hundreds of kilometres along Santiago and has a beautiful charm to it. This place is good for the older generation as it has a mild tranquility to it with picturesque lakeside views as well as stunning surroundings. There is a rather low crime rate in this area. The cost of living is not high which is more than a half cheaper than Los Angeles.

Also, this is a rather small town suitable for a quiet retirement. It has a good medical care system, not very expensive hospitals and also an easy access to a wide range of physical activity. Its nature has a stunning beauty to it such as lakes, rivers, fjords, mountains and forests perfectly suitable for hiking, sailing, kayaking and a slow pace walks. The airport is near, several cultural attractions are available, providing peaceful and rather interesting life for retiring elderly people.

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