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Russia: best medicine universities

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Besides, foreign applicants have every chance of getting a free education at a medical university in Russia but are subject to excellent academic performance.

Siberian State Medical University

FACULTIES: Medical, Biomedical, Faculty of Behavioral Medicine and Management, Pediatric, Pharmaceutical

EXAMS USE: Biology, chemistry 


PASSING POINT: From 193. Medicine – 254

COST OF TRAINING: from 944 euro/year

Siberian State Medical University entered the top three medical universities in the country in the rating of the Expert RA agency for 2014. We can safely say that students with completely different career ambitions will find their place here. Future doctors will be able to train in the most advanced clinics and listen to lectures by the best Russian professors. Those who want to build a scientific career will be delighted to learn how large the network of interdisciplinary research and educational centers built by the clinic is.

Students who see themselves as start-up founders in the futurity will be delighted with the university’s willingness to enter into partnerships with small and medium-sized businesses and promote interesting projects in the healthcare sector.

In a word, a solid A-plus – it is worth going here for medical and biotechnological education.

selective focus phot of artificial human skull

Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogova

FACULTIES: Medical, pediatric, psycho-social, dental, pharmaceutical, faculty for training foreign citizens, faculty of additional professional education, biomedical, international.

EXAMS USE: Chemistry, biology 


PASSING POINT: From 155. Medicine – 260

COST OF TRAINING: From 1090 euro/year

Pirogov University is one of the largest medical schools in Russia and Europe; about 9000 future students study here. Besides, this is the only medical university in Russia that has been granted the prestigious category “National Research University”. This is quite justified – the university is actively involved in scientific work, cooperating with medical and scientific centers in Russia and abroad. Students participate in scientific circles and can, becoming members of the student scientific society, take part in “serious” research conducted by the university.

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Kazan State Medical University

FACULTIES: Medical, pediatric, dental, biomedical, faculty of social work and higher nursing education, faculty of advanced training, and professional retraining of specialists, medical and preventive, pharmaceutical

EXAMS USE: Chemistry, biology 


PASSING POINT: From 166. Medicine – 281

COST OF TRAINING: From 1260 euro/year

Kazan Medical University ranks high in the expert ratings of Russian universities. And his leadership did a lot for this. The university concludes new partnerships with biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies in Russia and Europe, collaborates with 25 research centers around the world, conducts clinical trials of medicines.

human heart illustration

Ural State Medical University

FACULTIES: Treatment-and-prophylactic, pharmaceutical, faculty of advanced training, and professional retraining of specialists, pediatric, medical-prophylactic, dental

EXAMS USE: Chemistry, biology


PASSING POINT: From 223. Medicine – 260

COST OF TRAINING: From 1090 euro/year

Ural Medical University is another strong regional medical university. Here, their scientific schools were formed, which received recognition in the academic environment. The strongest areas here are pediatric cardiology, physio pediatrics (that is, treatment of tuberculosis in children), vascular neurosurgery, neuro gerontology (treatment of diseases of the nervous system in the elderly), pediatric neurology, and environmental pediatrics. The scientific life of the university is obtaining momentum every year – it is not surprising that its staff and students manage to win so many grants.

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