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Scotland: relocation guide in 2021

The country is interested in emigrants since there is a shortage of workers. Many young Scots move to England because of a higher level of income and living. The average age of residents is 45 years. Life in Scotland is expensive, but you can get work here, both for a highly qualified specialist and a person with low qualifications.

What programs are there for expats

If you have decided to leave to live in Scotland, then first you need to find out about what conditions exist there for emigrants. The benefit of obtaining a residence permit is for those who have already determined a future place of work in a new country.

  • You can come to Scotland through a special employment program. It is designed for the entry of highly qualified specialists. To find a job, you need to pass testing, according to the results of which an appropriate place will be offered.
  • You need to go through the procedure for obtaining a document that allows you to work.
  • Scotland is always open to businessmen. You can take part in an investment project.
  • If you are the only representative of a branch of a company that has opened a representative office in Scotland.
  • The country is interested in representatives of creative professions, for example, artists, actors, musicians.
  • You can move here with your whole family.
  • If you have a medical degree, you can also expect to get a residence permit.
  • Pensioners with a good income, have the opportunity to obtain Scottish citizenship and live here permanently.

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What visas exist for emigrants

If you got a large number of points during testing, then you can get Tier 1. Most often it is awarded to graduates who graduated from higher education institutions in Scotland. In order to get this visa, it is not obligatory to have an invitation from the employer.

Another type of visa is intended for those who are highly qualified, and an offer to work in a company in the country. It has a limitation, you have the freedom to work only in the company that is ready to formalize you and has made an offer.

You can also get a job on a student visa. You can work no more than 10 – 20 hours a week. Much depends on which program you are studying. 

There is another type of this visa, which is issued to children from 4 to 16 years old so that they can receive an education at school.

The fourth type of visa in Scotland is assigned to representatives of the creative field, athletes, as well as religious leaders, and philanthropists. A slightly different type of visa exists for those who have entered into a legal marriage with a citizen of the country. This document gives the right to employment. The cost of a visa is quite high.

What is the standard of living in Scotland?

The standard of living in Scotland is quite high. For instance, the average salary of a police officer is 2,100 euros per month, while in Latvia the income of a law enforcement officer is only 500 euros. Highly skilled workers can expect higher wages.

There are some social guarantees for pensioners, such as free travel in cars, but the pension is very small. In this country, older people live on the income they have accumulated in the course of their work. That is why the country’s governments demand that aged emigrants have savings that they can afford to live on.

If Scotland gains independence, then pensioners may face such difficulties as transferring their pension to their country of permanent residence.

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