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Famous landmarks in Russia

Saint Petersburg canal

According to several popular online tourist resources, there are such cities as Sochi, Veliky Novgorod, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Kazan, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, which have collected the most amount of Russia’s spirit and attract the largest number of visitors each year.

However, when it comes to particular places of great history and memories, there are some which are worth to mention such Hermitage Museum, the Baikal lake, Kremlin, Kizhi Island, the Black Sea, Ruskeala mountain park, Dargavs village, Kola peninsula and the Ural mountains. These are probably the most well-spoken top inspiring places for them who wish to get closer to Russia and its historical heritage.

Hermitage museum

This is probably the most culturally rich places in the whole Russia as it is literally stuffed with tons of information about ancient and modern Russia. The spectacular building itself was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great. Nowadays it is referred to as the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. In general, it is a massive museum complex with grand collections of art, cultural highlights and 3 million items having a great historical value not only for Russia itself, but for the whole world. There are 6 historic buildings holding treasures of the country. One of such treasures is the Winter Palace – a Russian emperors’ residence.


Kremlin holds not only historical, but also mainly political background as it the nation’s top governmental offices located inside its premises. Therefore, it is considered to be worth to visit by those who are interested in the country’s politics. However, it also has four 15-16th century cathedrals and several significant museums suitable for exploring and investigating Russia’s history and religion. There are 250 acres of the royal treasures of the past, including the Diamond Fund Exhibition, a collection of jewellery such as a 190 carat diamond received as a gift from the Catherine the Great.

Baikal lake

This is a huge lake, holding around 20% of the world’s fresh water. It is the biggest lake in Russia and also world’s deepest lake and, therefore, the clearest lake on the whole planet. It is also a rather old lake as it has a historical background of 25 million years. It is surrounded by striking large mountains, located in Siberia – probably the wildest corner of nature in the whole country. Many travelers visit it while traveling by the Trans-Siberian railway, making stops at this lake surrounded by mountain ranges which is also referred as the Pearl of Siberia. Those who are staying there longer can easily stop by the several lake resorts and create for themselves a great place for summer vacation, for example.

Kizhi Island

This natural beauty is located in Karelia. It spans across the region of Northwestern Russia, while bordering the White Sea and Finland. The island has its own significant open air museum. Locals have lived on the island since the 13th century. Both eastern and western cultures feature its historical site. It has the several hundred meters high Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior with its 22 domes, wooden houses, chapels, barns and windmills. Beautiful crafts are demonstrated by the local inhabitants. They also have their own folk ensembles.


Ural mountains

This is a great natural monument located in the space between in the middle of Russia and stretching from its north to south. Mountain range runs through the most beautiful and eye catching views of the Russia’s mountain plateau. There is also a special access point around Yekaterinburg, where day trips as well as the short hikes are available in order to enjoy its breathtaking scenery.

Ruskeala mountain park

This park has a lush beauty. Its sights are outstanding. The scenery of a small referred to as Ruskeala has its crowning glory. The park welcomes all those who wish to create special holidays for themselves by going for a hike along the waterfilled ravine, going for a swim or riding a boat in its clear water rivers.

Kola peninsula

This natural treasure of Russia is located within the Arctic Circle. It boasts the midnight sun in summer. In winter it displays the brilliant beauty of the northern lights. Also, its port city – Murmansk is nature’s portal into the wild life of the low mountain land, some abandoned villages, crystal lakes and tundra views.

Dargavs village

This perhaps is one of the most mystic places in Russia. Locate in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, it has an ancient cemetery surrounding the village of Dargavs, or to be more precise, its remains. It has abandoned houses and construction structures occupying dramatic, foggy mountainside. Some call this place as the City of the dead. It reminds UK’s Stonehenge a bit as there are also hundreds of stone tombs burying the village and its dead inhabitants together with their possessions, clothes and other personal belongings.

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