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Palau: options to obtain passport

Flag of Palau

Palau ecotourism features both stunning scenery and rich historical sights. All of these qualities, as well as others, make this country more appealing to those seeking citizenship. If you are one of those and looking for ways to get the nationality of Palau, keep reading as we are going to make it simpler for you in this blog entry.


Palau a nationality law

The 1980 Charter of Palau, as modified; the 1994 Palau Nationality Ordinance, as revised; and treaty obligations engaged into by the Palauan state regulate Palauan immigration rules. These rules define who is a Palau citizen or qualified to become one. Palauan citizenship is typically acquired through birth in Palau or through the birth overseas to parents who are citizens of Palau. Naturalization can be conferred to anyone who has a connection to the country.


Citizenship options

There are only two options for registering as a Palauan citizen. One is by birth, and the other is by naturalization.



Individuals born in the region to Palauan parents or to parents who have officially recognized Palauan heritage are entitled to natural citizenship. Individuals born overseas to a parent who is a Palauan native or has officially recognized Palauan lineage are also eligible.


green palm trees scenery


Those with family or historical ties to Palau can get citizenship via naturalization. This country does not award citizenship solely on a specific length of residence in the state, nor does it permit overseas partners to get citizenship. At least one parent must have acknowledged Palauan lineage in order to apply for naturalization. Internationally adopted kids with one Palauan parent have been able to naturalize since 2010, thanks to the Appeals Court of the Palauan Judiciary.



Any paperwork, statements, credentials, and data necessary or allowed to be produced, utilized, published, or documented shall be given with request in the same form as the originals. Every vital document must be photocopied and given to the authorities. The candidate must draught and sign the request application himself. Two further testimonials are necessary to verify the papers.


Issuance of certificate

On the suggestion of a resident of Palau, the Judge may make a declaration of naturalization or green card under the power of chapter RPPL 1-62 § 104, which will have the same impact in all courts and communities of the country as a credential of naturalization approved by a judge with naturalization authority.


About the country

Palau’s mild Pacific environment makes it an excellent place to live for anyone. Staying here allows you to participate in various sports and cultural programs, including aquatic life and undersea adventures. Palau’s gorgeous beaches provide an opportunity for a peaceful vacation after a busy day, and diving options abound.

Aside from its beauty, its economic advantages also entice many foreigners to apply for citizenship. However, the limited possibilities for getting citizenship, as well as the high standards, may deter many people from pursuing citizenship. 


Ending note

Naturalization and birth are the only way to get citizenship on this unique island. The authorities don’t allow the wives or husbands of Palau natives to get citizenship. The children born in the country to natives, outside the country to natives, or inside the country without any family’s whereabouts are only eligible for citizenship by birth. The officials require a copy of all documents along with the handwritten request from the candidate. After the judgment has been passed, the court will issue the citizenship certificate.

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