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Main reasons why visas in Madagascar get denied

A 30 or 60-day tourist visa may be purchased in cash at the airport by travelers from any country using US dollars, euros, or Malagasy ariary. Additionally, they have the option of applying for a tourist or immigrant visa in advance of their trip to Madagascar at the Embassy nearby.

The grounds for Madagascar’s denial of visa requests

Visas in Madagascar are often rejected for the following reasons:

Unauthentic passport

For admission into Madagascar, you’ll need an original passport or a pass that’s good for at least six months from the day you’re supposed to leave the country. Two blank visa pages minimum are required in the passport. An application for a visa will be rejected if you provide copies of your passport or a passport that isn’t valid enough. Having proof of your trip dates should also be possible.

An application that is not comprehensive

The applicant must fill out and sign the entire visa application form on both sides. On the form, all information must be filled out completely and truthfully. An automatic visa refusal occurs from missing fields or incorrect information on the application form.

Lack of proper documentation

You must make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork on hand before completing your visa application. The likelihood that your visa application will be rejected increases if the proper documentation is not submitted. Your visa application may be turned down for a reason as little as your visa photographs not matching the minimal standards.

Duplicate of the return ticket

You must go from Madagascar and come back before your visa expires if you want to visit there. You need to provide a copy of your return airline ticket when applying for a visa. This demonstrates your intention to go the whole length of your vacation and then return home. Your visa application may be rejected if you don’t include a ticket for your return trip.

The government still doesn’t believe you don’t pose a threat to security

To prove that you haven’t engaged in any illegal activity—such as espionage, subversion (such as political riots or labor strikes), violence or terrorism, etc.—you must provide a criminal report. Furthermore, you must demonstrate that you are not a part of any group that has violated human or international rights (such as through war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc.), engaged in organized crime (such as money laundering, human trafficking, etc.), or otherwise engaged in criminal activity (this includes driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol).

Lack of evidence that you have the necessary funds

If you haven’t given sufficient proof that you will be able to sustain yourself and your dependents financially in Madagascar, your visa application to Madagascar may also be declined for this reason. You must provide adequate evidence that you will be able to support not just yourself but also your dependents while you are in Madagascar, regardless of whether you are studying, immigrating, working, or going to Madagascar.

Absence of documentation of accommodations

Another prerequisite you must satisfy to submit a successful visa application is supplying evidence of housing. Hotel bookings, letters of invitation from a host, etc. are examples of evidence of lodging. Your visa request will be rejected if you don’t provide documentation of your accommodations.

A lack of documentation proving immunity to yellow fever

Evidence of yellow fever immunization is required for entrance into Madagascar for applicants from countries at risk for the disease. Visitors who are not from a nation at risk for yellow fever but have recently visited a nation with an active yellow fever outbreak must additionally provide proof of their yellow fever vaccination.

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