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Indonesia: relocation guide

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There is always the question of how to get a visa. With an economy recently recovering from setbacks, sadly, there are only a few sectors open to immigrants, offering jobs with high requirements and almost impossible experience. Located in Southeast Asia, it is one of the most visited countries in Asia, boasting millions of ex-pats living in its cities.

Visa Types in Indonesia

Different types of visas that are available are explained below.

Indonesia transit Visa

This type of visa grants foreign travelers a single entry through Indonesia while traveling to another country. The visa is valid for just 14 days and can be applied before traveling or at the Indonesian embassy on arrival.

How to apply

Submit the required documents with a duly filled application form, and its duplicate, all signed by you. Provide two recent passport photos during the application. If you are applying before traveling, your application will be processed by the Indonesian embassy in your country of residence.



To obtain this visa, an applicant is required to provide a copy of the travel itinerary showing the take-off location and destination. A valid passport of 6 months before entry in the country, containing one blank visa page has to be submitted.

Visa on arrival

A foreigner is issued this upon arrival if he or she is not a citizen of the country who does not require a visa to visit the country. It grants temporary entry to a person who did not apply for a visa before traveling.

How to apply

Submit all required documents and application forms to the embassy in your home country. The Visa on arrival is issued for a 30-day stay and often costs $25. You may go for the 7 day VOA if you are not going to stay for that long. You can extend this visa in cases where suffer an injury, falls sick, or a natural disaster happens during your stay.


To apply, you must possess a passport valid for six months before you travel and a return ticket. You can only apply for a VOA at any official airports or seaports here.

Visit visa

This grants the holder of a valid passport single or multiple entries depending on the choice of stay. The visa is often recommended for business purposes, tourists on a short stay, researchers, family reunions, etc.

How to apply

There are two options of entry with a visit visa; a single entry visit visa is valid for 60 days while a multiple-entry visa is also valid for 60 days but costs more. Submit the necessary papers to the embassy in your country of residence.


The application papers and process for both visas are similar to the transit visa.

Work visa

Also known as a work permit… this type of visa is issued to ex-pats looking to work while living for more than a year or who have obtained permanent residency. A work visa is quite expensive and takes time to process.


How to apply

Application in Indonesian embassies usually requires the provision of certain documents such as a valid passport, but there are a few differences in the issuance of the visa. It is paramount you find out from the embassy the required documents peculiar to your home country. If you meet all requirements, you will get your permit upon arrival.


Firstly, you have to possess the KITAS visa before getting a work visa. The IMTA has to be submitted by your employer to the Ministry of Labour informing them of your employment as an employee on contract. Finally, your employer will have to pay a monthly fee of $100.

Visa Izin Tinggal Terbatas (VITAS)

The VITAS is issued to an employee of any Indonesian-based company by the embassy in the home country. This grants its holder entry with a spouse or children. It is only issued to an ex-pat with a valid work permit.

Izin Kunjungan Sosial Budaya (VKSB)

Valid for 6 months, VKSB is a common choice for people looking to visit family members or attend an exchange program for no more than 60 days. Anyone interested in staying longer will have to renew the visa for additional days. For this visa, an applicant requires an Indonesian sponsor, who will also act as a host, 

The single entry form expires after you leave Indonesia. However, the multi-entry form, known as the Sosial Budaya allows multiple entries and is valid for 12 months. Although, it is only issued for those traveling for social-cultural purposes.

Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas (KITAS)

It replaces the VITAS after arrival and is valid for 12 months, which may be extended to 5 years depending on your stay. Applicants of the KITAS require a resident sponsor to apply for them.

Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetatp (KITAP)

It is the official permanent residence visa valid for the first 5 years of your stay. It can however be renewed for up to 25 years. To apply for permanent residency, you will require an Indonesian sponsor to stand-in during the application. Anyone married to an Indonesian is eligible for a KITAP, provided the couples live in the country.

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