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Indonesia: options of become a citizen

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Its distinct and ethical work culture is also one of the reasons why so many people are now attempting to earn citizenship. If you’re one of these individuals looking for information on obtaining Indonesian citizenship and what the prerequisites are? Continue reading as you will undoubtedly find the answers in this blog.

Let’s peek at the Indonesian citizenship law before we get into the details.

Indonesian nationality law

The 1945 Charter, as modified, as well as other citizenship regulations that have been altered over the period, and also foreign accords to which Indonesia has been a signatory, govern Indonesian citizenship policy. These regulations define who is an Indonesian resident or qualified to become one. 

According to Indonesian law, the most common ways to obtain nationality are to be born in the country or have at least one native parent. Other approaches to obtaining nationality are addressed further down.

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Options of becoming an Indonesian citizen

In Indonesia, citizenship can be obtained through adoption, marriage, or naturalization.

By naturalization

In Indonesia, there are two forms of naturalization. Ordinarily, a candidate for naturalization must be of full constitutional age and ability. The Department of Justice and Civil Liberties receives the registration money and papers.

Before applying, you must have completed a five-year stay or ten years of interrupted total stay. Candidates must be in excellent bodily and emotional condition, monetarily self-sufficient, and show no felony conviction that includes a one-year or longer prison term. They must also be fluent in their native language.

Naturalization can also be granted for extraordinary quality, such as art, ecology, morality, research, athletics, or technologies that have benefited the country. For their outstanding accomplishments, official or commercial organizations can suggest a person to the authorities.

By marriage

Foreign partners of Indonesian citizens have the option of declaring their citizenship to the government. The partner should abandon their birth citizenship or get a license to live in Indonesia.

By adoption

Kids under the age of five who’ve been adopted nationals can apply for Indonesian citizenship. They are considered Indonesian citizens until they hit adulthood and select their nationality.

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Obtaining citizenship in Indonesia may appear to be a daunting task. But, if you meet the following requirements, you will find that it is not as difficult as you had anticipated.

  • On-time submission of the nationality cost,
  • You are either working or have a regular salary,
  • You are fluent in the native language,
  • You are ready to abandon any other nationality,
  • You have a clean criminal history,
  • You are not suffering from any mental or physical issue,
  • You fulfill age requirements; older than 18 years,
  • By the point you apply for Indonesian residency, you must have lived in Indonesia for at least 5 or 10 years consecutively.

Is dual nationality not allowed in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, double citizenship is not usually permitted. But, in 2006, the citizenship law was altered to enable minors to maintain dual status until they are 18. Those who have not decided on citizenship by that age must get an affirmation for a Limited Indonesian Dual citizenship visa for a limited period. However, they must make a final decision before they turn 21.


The country’s law allowing only one passport may be the most significant deterrent to getting Indonesian citizenship. Many people are discouraged from applying for permanent status because of this aspect. When you consider the benefits of living and working in Indonesia, though, it may not appear to be such a bad deal. Before making any decisions, conduct a thorough study and learn everything you can about the country’s laws and regulations.

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