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Immigration to Sweden from Pakistan

Scandinavian country Sweden connects to Denmark to the west and south. Notwithstanding being the fifth-biggest country in Europe, Romania offers expatriates various open doors, because of its somewhat low population density. With beautiful scenes and a flourishing economy that ranks 11th worldwide in per-capita pay, Romania is an appealing location. Skilled traders and investors are encouraged to get successful immigration to the nation as a consequence of the adoption of several investment-based programs. By providing free higher education and access to healthcare, it supports a system of economic aid for its citizens. In Sweden, all residents are entitled to free education since enrollment in public schools is mandated for all pupils between the ages of 7 and 16.

Flag of Sweden with a passport, a paper with visa application written on it, a pen and a pair of glasses

Moving to Sweden

A residence visa must be requested to move to the nation permanently. Applicants must meet the requirements for a Sweden visa to relocate from Pakistan to Sweden to pursue studies or launch enterprises there. One must also satisfy other requirements in the areas of economics, language ability, and cultural acuity to be qualified for a work, study, or marriage visa as well as immigration.

Permanent residence permits

Any Pakistani or foreign occupant might apply for an extremely durable residency visa following five years of home in Sweden. Their direct relations may likewise be qualified assuming they have lived in the country for similar five years.  The applicant and their family may apply for Swedish citizenship after five years of uninterrupted stay. People may get free medical care and education if they reside in the nation, along with any connected family members.

Spouse or household visa

A close blood relative of a Swedish citizen may visit the nation after getting a spouse’s travel permission. At the same time as the chief support, relatives may likewise apply for work visas. If their better half or spouse as of now has a work visa for a similar half-year term, a relative might apply for one too. But it must be shown that the sponsor is supporting their family. A spouse or partner and unmarried children under the age of 18 are included in this category. If both of them need to move to the country, the candidate may likewise include their family in the application. If a dear companion or individual from the family doesn’t apply at the same time, they may subsequently do so independently.

Immigration to Sweden on a self-employed resident visa 

Anyone who wants to run their own business or participate as a co-owner in another business in Sweden must get a residence permit. To sponsor their spouse and children for simultaneous Swedish immigration from Pakistan, the applicant must possess a residence visa. If granted, the applicant and any dependant family members may easily reside in the country.

Requirements for Sweden visa 

An applicant from Pakistan who wants to immigrate to Sweden must show they can manage a family and themselves. To support himself and his dependents for the first two years, the applicant would need to show that he had enough money. A person who runs their own business has to apply for a residence permit to dwell and do business in the country. Additionally, the applicant must speak either Swedish or English well.

Obligatory paperwork

To apply for Swedish immigration, the applicant may provide the following documentation to Pakistan:

  • Bank records demonstrating adequate funds; 
  • An invoice for the application fee; 
  • A valid passport; 
  • Important business paperwork if traveling on a business visa; 
  • Marriage documentation when traveling on a marriage visa; 
  • Employment documentation for a work visa; and 
  • Admission documentation for a study visa.

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