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Best universities to apply for in Bahrain

Bahrain, a gem in the Gulf, is well-known for its growing higher education market in addition to its dynamic culture and beautiful surroundings. In recent years, the nation’s educational institutions have experienced impressive expansion. This article explores Bahrain’s finest institutions to point potential students to the top educational possibilities available in this vibrant country.

Applied Science University Bahrain front view

Arabian Gulf university

Founded in 1979, Arabian Gulf University (AGU) is a pivotal institution for the study of medicine and health sciences within the Gulf region. AGU’s enduring commitment to excellence in medical research and education has defined its journey. AGU fulfills this commitment by providing a comprehensive range of medical programs, covering disciplines like pharmacy, dentistry, and medicine, ensuring students receive a top-tier education. Its magnetic pull extends to students hailing from the Middle East and beyond.

Ahlia university

Established in 2001, Private Ahlia University is distinguished for its unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptional standards in research and education. The institution offers a range of programs in the fields of humanities, business, and engineering. In response to our rapidly evolving world, Ahlia University prioritizes innovation and critical thinking to prepare students for success.

Royal university for women

The Royal University for Women (RUW) is a pioneer in the field of education for women as Bahrain’s first private, specifically designed, international university for women. RUW, which was founded in 2005, offers courses in a variety of subjects in a welcoming and empowered learning atmosphere. It is committed to developing the potential of female students from Bahrain and other countries.

Bahrain polytechnic

Bahrain’s Bahrain Polytechnic is a university that is situated in Isa Town. By royal decree, Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa founded it in 2008. A government-owned institution, Bahrain Polytechnic confers professional, technical, and applied degrees. Bahrain Polytechnic cultivates graduates who not only excel at their full potential but also exude confidence, competence, and a profound readiness for the professional world. Bahrain Polytechnic graduates exhibit a profound workplace understanding, enhancing their value to employers. The institution is renowned for its outstanding instruction and dedication to student success. It is well known for its industry-specific programs and its strong linkages to regional industries and organizations.

The college of health sciences

Offering nursing and public health programs, the College of Health Sciences specializes in the education of healthcare professionals. It was founded in 1982 and is essential to Bahrain’s training of healthcare professionals. The college works with healthcare organizations to give students hands-on experience in the medical industry.

The college of the North Atlantic – Qatar

The College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) is a global university having a sizable Bahraini student body despite not being physically based in Bahrain. Programs in business, engineering, and health sciences are among the many that CNA-Q offers. It is renowned for both its top-notch instruction and its solid ties to the business community.

Bahrain institute of banking and finance (BIBF)

A top provider of education and training in the banking and financial industry is BIBF. In response to the growing demand for financial expertise in the dynamic Gulf economy, the university offers specialized programs meticulously designed for the financial sector. 

Applied science university (ASU)

An extensive selection of undergraduate programs in engineering, business, and computer technology are available at the private institution ASU. It emphasizes experiential, hands-on learning to give students useful skills for their future employment.

AMA international university 

A private university, AMA International University (AMAIUB) is situated in Salmabad, Bahrain. The Higher Education Council of Bahrain has approved it since its founding in 2002. Numerous undergraduate and graduate programs are available at AMAIUB in several disciplines, including business, engineering, computer technology, and hospitality. AMAIUB is renowned for its excellent instruction and dedication to the success of its students. It has a solid reputation for research and innovation, and employers greatly prize its graduates. Students from all around the world attend AMAIUB, making up its varied student body. It provides a range of student support services, such as housing help, career counseling, and academic advising.

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