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Live in Czechia – best cities

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The standard of living in Czechia is quite high, but there are regions that are more suitable for comfortable living, and urban development affects this indicator.

In order to make it easier for you to understand this issue, we share information compiled on the basis of a study conducted in 206 largest Czech cities and towns by the consulting company Deloitte and the Obce v datech project.

Each of the settlements was assessed according to 30 criteria based on official statistics. Among them, there are the average life expectancy, the general population growth, the number of crimes, the number of working doctors, the availability of conditions for sustainable development and a clean environment, the unemployment rate, the median salary, the number of firms and private entrepreneurs, the number of schools and kindergartens, the availability of leisure.

Top 10 best cities in the Czech Republic to live


Rzicany, Central Czech region

The high level of living makes the city of Rzichany the leader in this ranking. Rzicani is located 20 kilometers from Prague, and the city’s population is only 15,000 inhabitants.


multicolored city skyline at daytime

Prague – the capital of the state – occupies an honorable second position in the ranking of the best cities in Czechia. Prague is a city of millions, and the number of inhabitants is growing rapidly every year. Due to the favorable location, high wages and a very cozy atmosphere – the capital is chosen among other cities to live.

Chernoshice, Central Czech region

The city has a population of only 6,000 people. Cleanliness and beautiful scenery make the city comfortable to live. Chernoshice gives a good rest from noisy and big cities, without compromising the level of development.

Trshebon, Southern Czech region

This city is considered one of the oldest cities there. The nature and architecture of the city fascinates not only the guests of the city, but also the residents. The Czech town of Trshebon is inhabited by about 9,000 people.

Trhove-Sviny, South Czech region

Although Trhove-Sviny is a very small town (population is 5,000 people), it impresses not only with its architectural monuments and history, but also with its powerful infrastructure.

Beroun, Central Czech region

cars on road

The city is located in the west of the country, 30 km from the capital Prague. The population of the city is 18,000 people.

Brandis-Nad-Labem-Stara-Boleslav, Middle Czech region

Another small town is near Prague. The city is named after Brandis nad Labem and Boleslaw I, who are considered the founders. The city is inhabited by about 17,000 people.

Czech Budejovice, Southern Czech region

Czech Budejovice Czech Budejovice is located in the south of the country and is considered the administrative center of the South Bohemian Region. Two rivers flow near the city – the Vltava and the Malshe. Czech Budejovice is a fairly large city with a population of about 100,000 people.

Gustopeche, South Morava region

Gustopeche is considered a tourist town, on the territory of which there are many castles. This is the oldest city of the South Moravian region.

Turnov, Liberetsk region

The city is divided into two parts by the river Jezera. Turnov is also a popular city among tourists. The population is 14,000 people.

Thus, the choice of a city for living in the Czech Republic depends only on you, as well as whether it is worth moving to in this country. Next, we would like to provide arguments in favor of living in Czechia for each individual case.

Living conditions in the Czech Republic

Of course, acclimatization largely depends on the age and life situation of each person, but in this sense Czechia can be called a “universal” country.

Judge for yourself. Let’s assume for a moment that you are

  • a schoolboy or student. 

First of all, Czechia is an excellent opportunity to get a high-quality European education. 

  • a young couple 

There are a number of excellent hospitals in Prague where mothers can help give birth to a child, while avoiding unnecessary complications. A leisurely and comfortable life in the country provides favorable conditions for starting a family and raising children.

  • an actively working person, focused on a career. 

The Czech Republic is located in the very heart of Europe, which simplifies communication with other European countries: just an hour or two by car – and you are already in Austria or Germany. This makes it possible to build a business without spending crazy money on air tickets. If you are a professional in the technical field or medicine, then there will definitely not be any questions about employment – both of those and other specialists in the local market are constantly lacking.

  • retiree. 

Living conditions in Czechia are favorable for the elderly. Both in Prague and in other cities there are many green quiet areas where you can rent housing “on the ground”, that is, not an apartment in a multi-storey building, but a cozy nest in a private house with a garden. The high level of security in the country ensures a comfortable life.

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