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How to find work in China? 

China’s economic growth should surprise you. After nearly a century of poverty and political turmoil, China’s emergence as the world’s second-largest economy is nothing short of a miracle. Although the pace of economic growth has slowed in recent years, the employment prospects are generally good. Therefore, working in China is not something transcendental. However, the competition for jobs is fierce.

What difficulties do foreign workers face?

One of the main hurdles you may face is the language barrier. Many companies require their candidates to know at least the basics of the Chinese language. For this reason, knowledge of the Chinese language will be a huge plus for you. On our website, you can find out about the language grants provided by China.

Another reason is the high demands on foreign workers. Since the market is often focused on attracting local specialists, the requirements for foreigners wishing to work in China are very high. Applicants must prove their competence through their achievements, degrees, and experience.

How to get a job in China?

Whether you are a foreigner or not, you will have a better chance of finding a job if you have acquaintances in the company where you want to work. This will give you a clear advantage, as your acquaintances will inform you when a vacancy opens in their company, and may even recommend you to their colleagues. If you don’t have any acquaintances, then you can join discussion groups on job sites and chat with people who are already working in China.

Work in China for foreigners

If you cannot find work with the help of acquaintances, then you can use online job sites. More and more companies are advertising jobs online. However, most of these websites are in Chinese and not necessarily targeting ex-pats, making it difficult for you to find job opportunities. Therefore, if you have at least a basic understanding of the Chinese language, you have an advantage.

Here is a list of sites where you can search for jobs that suit you:

  • AsiaXpat
  • ChinaJOB
  • China Xpat Jobs
  • eChinacities
  • Reed – Jobs in China
  • 51Job

Work in China, the procedure for obtaining it

We will now discuss the general situation of foreign workers in China. Examples of jobs that are popular in China among foreigners are English teacher, dance teacher, fitness instructor, music teacher, and of course teaching at universities.

You don’t have to come to China to look for a job. In the beginning, you can go through a skype interview. Then, after the company is interested in your candidacy, you can prepare the necessary documents in 2-3 weeks. Next, you apply for work permission, where you also expect 2-3 weeks. After receiving this document, it will be possible to apply for a visa for a single entry. You arrive at the designated place where the process of extending a work visa for a year is taking place. You will undergo a medical examination, register at your place of residence, and already start working in the company.

Teaching English to foreigners in China

Many ex-pats in China started as language teachers, especially English. Through their students, many of these teachers find out about other vacancies or even contact a potential employer. This job also offers schedule flexibility and free time to establish new business contacts and networking. Teaching English is also a great option for those looking to find out if China is the right place for them.

Unfortunately, language teachers do not earn much. In many cases, the salary is barely enough to cover living expenses. Besides, you will still need to obtain a Z visa to work at a prestigious language school.

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