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How to find a work in Norway?

Norway attracts many foreigners every year by low unemployment (about 3%), high salaries, and a well-developed social protection system. The state sector is highly developed: oil accounts for 39% of the state’s exports. Norway is distinguished by an abundance of natural resources such as gas, minerals, fish, and timber. It always requires people to extract or process. However, getting a job in Norway is not an easy task.

Flag of Norway

How to go to work in Norway

It is quite difficult for foreigners to officially find a job in Norway because a residence permit is required to obtain a work permit in the country. A residence permit, in turn, can be obtained only if there is a job offer from a specific employer. It is also important to take into account that vacancies in Norway are relevant primarily for citizens of the Kingdom. If no Norwegians are willing to get a job, employers hire foreigners. Many foreigners work in fish factories, as this work is not popular among the locals.

Ways to find a place of employment

The first option for finding a job is to contact a recruiting agency that is engaged in the selection of personnel. Such agencies are of 2 types. Some companies immediately ask for a fee for their services and only after making an advance payment begin to select a vacancy for a foreign resident. Most companies work according to a different scheme: the company first employs a person, and only then the employer gives the first salary to the agency as payment for employment.

The second option is an independent search through Internet websites. Today there are a large number of job portals, so finding a job is not difficult. The only catch is that the applicant needs to know English or Norwegian since the sites are designed in these languages.

Websites for finding work in Norway

Popular portals and sites for finding a job in the country in 2021:

A large number of vacancies are presented on the website of the Norwegian labor exchange:

If a foreigner wants to find a job in the oil industry, then it is better to look for work on such portals as:

What specialists are required for work in Norway 

A work permit can only be obtained by a foreign person who has a special purpose for moving. Also, most foreigners can get a job only if they are representatives of a unique profession. The Kingdom’s authorities are especially favored by highly qualified specialists in the IT field. Good doctors of a narrow focus are also appreciated. If you wish, you can always find a job in a shop or hotel.

There is another option: not every inhabitant of the Kingdom is eager to do hard physical labor every day, so the country often hires foreigners.

In-demand specialties

Specializations in oil production are in particular demand in 2021. Such work attracts few local specialists due to the difficult working conditions. Therefore, foreign residents are often recruited to the oil platforms for work. IT specialists, geo-engineers, medical workers, builders, and employees of the hotel and restaurant business will be able to find employment in Norway without any problems.

Other in-demand specialties:

  • Driller;
  • Painter;
  • Kitchen assistant;
  • Conveyor worker;
  • Warehouse worker;
  • Sorter;
  • Engine room specialist;
  • Salting fish specialist;
  • Cleaner;
  • Packer;
  • Miner;
  • Electrician.

Getting a work permit

Even though Norway is not included in the number of EU countries, the basic requirements for the employment of foreigners coincide with the requirements in other European states. First of all, the employer will have to prove that there are no worthy candidates among Norwegians. For this purpose, information about vacancies is transferred to the employment service, published on the state portal, and other media. Besides, the company must provide a foreigner with working conditions no worse than for local specialists.

In general, the employment procedure is as follows:

  1. Job search;
  2. Passage of the interview, signing of the contract;
  3. Obtaining a work permit;
  4. Obtaining a work visa, moving, and registration.

A work permit in Norway is issued for one to three years, after which, in case of successful passing of the exam in the Norwegian language, you can apply for permanent residence. Consideration of the application takes four to six weeks. In case of a positive answer, you will be given a temporary residence permit (you will receive a full one only after registration on the spot at the police station).

Depending on the type of employment, time, and qualifications, employees are divided into two groups: qualified specialists for a long time and seasonal employees for three to six months. The requirements for obtaining a work permit differ in these two cases.

Requirements and conditions for qualified specialists:

  • An invitation from the employer;
  • Higher education or special training. If necessary – going through the qualification confirmation procedure;
  • Employment – only for a full working day, under Norwegian norms;
  • The term for searching for a new job in case of dismissal is six months;
  • Possibility to move with your family and receive permanent residence after three years. If a specialist moves with his wife/husband, children, it is necessary to add translated and notarially certified certificates of marriage registration and birth.

Requirements and conditions for temporary workers:

  • An invitation from the employer;
  • Work – for a full day, but a period of up to six months, with a guaranteed minimum rate for the chosen field of activity. After the expiry of the permit, you will have to leave the territory of Norway. Re-arrival is possible at least after a half-year;
  • The employer must obtain a confirmation from the local authorities that there are not enough employees in the country to fulfill the specific duties. The exception is agriculture and forestry;
  • There is no possibility to bring a family with you;
  • If you want to get permanent residence, the term of work of a seasonal employee is not taken into account.

Regardless of the expatriate category, to obtain a permit, you must provide health insurance, as well as a confirmation that you will have a place to live on arrival. The process of submitting documents is well described on the website of the Norwegian Immigration Department UDI. After spending a little time studying, you can independently fill in the necessary forms and submit documents.

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