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What you have to know about work in Norway

Flag of Norway

You’ve got the Troms, located in the north, Alesund on the west coast, and elegant places like Flåm situated in the heart of the mountains.

Life in Norway is far beyond beautiful, how about working in Norway as an expat?  Norway has one of the most active tech industries in Europe. It continues to improve its infrastructure, production, and standard of living. With an active need for professional problem-solvers, working in this country gives you a delight able experience.

This Nordic country has been putting a lot of resources into energy such as wind power, oil & gas, and hydropower. This is a job haven for expats in all engineering disciplines & industries. There are plenty of jobs for expats in this Nordic country.

Are you planning on moving to Norway for work? Whether it is a permanent change or for experience, working in Norway is the right career decision that will positively reward you in the nearest future. In this article, we will be giving you an expat guide on working in Norway.

Why should you work in this country?

People generally move to this country for two popular reasons: easy money and unique experiences. Expats working in this country enjoy high wages, excellent medical care, a conducive working environment, modern facilities, and pleasant work conditions, including 5 weeks of paid holiday, compulsory maternity, or/and paternity leave.

Despite the absurd taxes, life in this European country is ideal and easygoing. Even if you are seeking a high-profile career, working as an expat comes with plenty of advantages that will help you achieve your goals easily. However, the key to a successful working experience here is finding the right job.

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To work as an expat in Norvegia, you must adhere to the Norway immigration laws. These laws vary in regions and between nationalities. Two major laws dictate the employment requirements for expats.

One of these laws dictates the employment qualifications for EU nationals and the other dictate the requirements for non-EU citizens.

  1. EU citizens

The employment requirements for EU citizens are super simple and straightforward. Although Norway is not an EU member state, EEA laws still apply in this country. All EU nationals have the right to free movement, study, or work without any special document. This simply means that you can easily find a job in Norway, and start a new life if you are an EU national.

However, one condition must be met. All EU nationals have to register their presence in Norvegia if they plan to stay longer than 3 months. You must record your stay with the police. If you migrated to the country as a job-seeker, lost your job, or/and have worked in Norvegia for less than a year, you can stay in Norway for a maximum of 6 months to find a good job.

  1. Non-EU citizens

The entire process needed to be completed before a Non-EU citizen can work here is very long and stressful because many forms, applications, and interviews are involved. For non-EU citizens to work in the country, they’ll need to obtain a work permit before they can even travel & work.

The requirements for non-EU nationals vary but essentially you must possess a residence permit that will fall under family immigration, work immigration, study, au pair, and permanent residence if you want to work legally. To get a job as a non-EU citizen in this country, your employer will need to inspect your:

  • Visa
  • Residence permit
  • Work permit
  • Tax Information
  • Social security number

How to find a job in Norvegia as an expat

For EU citizens, getting employed is a whole lot easier. EU-EEA citizens can easily find job vacancies any using already prepared systems. You can start your search using the Norvegia employment agency or other  European employment bodies. 

Non-EU citizens should have a good connection in the country if they want to land a good job. Notwithstanding, these are some of the best ways to find a job in Norvegia.

  • Visit EURES website – This European job mobility portal on the job allows job seekers so see million of job vacancies and openings all over the country.

  • Call Jobline – You can also call 47 800 33 166 (toll-free) to check if there is a job vacancy in the region where you stay. This phone line is open from 8.00 to 18.00 and available in Norwegian only.

  • Visit the Norwegian National Employment Agency (NAV) – You can also check for jobs online using the Norwegian National Employment Agency official website. It is available in Norwegian and English. You can also seek for job openings on Espace Emploi International.

Before you can apply for a work permit in Norway, you must have a work contract or a valid job offer before filing your application. There are also plenty of jobs available for international students studying in Norvegia.

Some of the most popular industry in Norvegia includes oil and gas, seafood (this is the second-largest export sector in Norway after oil and gas), technology, engineering, tourism, teaching, and agriculture.

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