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Norway: work and immigration in 2021

Flag of Norway

However, finding a job in Norway is not as easy as it seems at first glance: this process has many nuances that will have to be taken into account when looking for a job and preparing documents.

Employment in Norway

In Norway, it is not customary to advertise vacancies to attract migrants to vacant places. To get a foreign candidate for a job, an employer in Norway will have to prove to the authorities that no one from the residents is applying for the vacancy.

Therefore, it is better to look for a job for a foreign citizen in several sources at once: on websites, in Norwegian magazines and newspapers, possibly through recruitment agencies or friends living in the country. It is necessary to analyze the labor market several months before potential employment. Besides, it is necessary to take into account the time it will take to complete the documents.

The employment procedure in Norway consists of the following steps:

  • Job search

The applicant draws up a resume (naturally, in Norwegian), analyzes the vacancies available in the public domain, leaves a response to the most attractive for him. Interviews with employers. There may be several such interviews and they are usually conducted via video communication.

  • Signing a contract

If the applicant and the employer are satisfied with the terms of cooperation, they sign an employment contract, discussing the terms and conditions of the arrival of the newly minted employee to Norway.

  • Obtaining a temporary residence permit, and then a work permit

These procedures are not complete without the participation of the employer, from whom certain documents are required, in particular, an invitation to work.

  • Search for housing (if the tenant does not provide it), concluding a lease agreement, and moving
  • Registration of a permanent residence permit

To obtain this document, the applicant within 10 days after arrival must apply to the Service Center for Foreign Employees (an organization subordinate to the tax inspectorate) with an employment contract and a rental agreement. The department will review the documents and in 7 days will issue a permanent residence permit, with which you can officially start working.

In general, the entire process from interviewing an employer to moving can take several months. Besides, to obtain a work permit, the applicant must meet several requirements. They are different and depend on whether the applicant is a highly qualified specialist or is employed in a low-skilled seasonal job.

Important! In Norway, they are quite strict about illegal workers and their employers. So, for such a violation of the law, the organization faces a large fine or complete closure, and the migrant faces deportation with a ban on entry into the territory of any state of the Schengen zone for up to 5 years.

Who needs Norway

Seasonal work in Norway is not limited to picking berries or farming. Today on the territory of the state there are many social camps for difficult teenagers. Experienced specialists are regularly required there. Also in Norway, there are many resorts where there is a need for service personnel.

A seasonal work permit cannot be the basis for obtaining citizenship. It is issued only for three months. It will be possible to re-enter Norway only six months later. Babysitting jobs are available for young women between the ages of eighteen and thirty. A work permit is issued based on an invitation from a Norwegian family. The contract can be extended for up to two years.

The Kingdom has always felt the need for farmworkers. The worker has the status of a “working guest” and lives as a member of the host family. In this case, a work permit is issued for more than three months.

Norway actively welcomes everyone to work in the fish processing industry and on oil platforms. In this case, the employees are issued a special work permit. The main requirement remains inevitable – the applicant must confirm the presence of an invitation from the Norwegian employer. The term of the permit is twelve months.

How to become a citizen of Norway

Emigration to Norway to obtain citizenship there attracts many people living in countries with less developed economies. Unfortunately, getting permanent residence in the Kingdom is very difficult. The reason for this is the seven-year term of legal stay on the territory of the state.

This can be achieved only if it is possible to officially find a job in a high-paying job. Earning a decent income is important as Norway is a surprisingly expensive country and the cost of food is very high. Plus, half of your earnings are “eaten up” by taxes.

Another, quite realistic option for obtaining permanent residence is to marry a citizen of the Kingdom. To obtain permanent residence, the applicant must have been legally married for at least five years.

It is important to remember that the Kingdom’s authorities are monitoring the reality of the relationship between the newlyweds and it is hardly possible to enter into a fictitious marriage. When a couple has a child, they automatically become a Norwegian citizen. There are times when a baby takes citizenship much earlier than mom or dad.

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