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Getting an employment visa – work permit in Luxembourg

EU citizens, from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland don’t need authorization to live or work in Luxembourg. Non-EU citizens need a residence permit and “permission to remain” to work in Luxembourg. If a Luxembourg company wishes to hire a foreigner, it must show that it advertised the post locally and couldn’t find a qualified candidate. To secure a work visa, you must also have a corporate certificate attesting to this condition. The employer should give you an NEA certificate. 

How to apply for a work visa in Luxembourg

The steps involved in applying for a work visa in Luxembourg include:

Make sure you have all the required paperwork

Having all the required paperwork on hand can help you apply for a work visa from Luxembourg. Some examples of these papers are;

  • evidence of your professional training and job history
  • current passport picture
  • birth registration
  • evidence that you have never been arrested
  • a copy of your CV and your educational background
  • employment agreement
  • original document authorizing the hiring of a non-EU national
  • cover letter for going to Luxembourg

Request a temporary license

Before leaving your home country, you must apply to the Immigration Directorate for a temporary stay permit in Luxembourg. With the temporary visa, you will be able to travel to Luxembourg and proceed with the other steps when you’ve arrived.

Fill in the declaration form

You must first declare that you want to live in the designated region. In Luxembourg, the process is regionally based, therefore you must pursue your application in the region where you want to live and work. You could also need to have medical exams, depending on your native country.

Send in your application 

Finally, you must submit your official application for a visa to live and work in Luxembourg. On the website of the Luxembourg government, you may find and download the necessary paperwork.

Types of work visas for Luxembourg

There are several different visa categories for Luxembourg, according to the kind of job you’ll undertake there and the circumstances surrounding your transfer. If you are moved by your current company, for instance, you could need a different visa than if you are starting new employment. Similarly, to this, there is a particular visa type to fit your demands if you are going to work as an athlete or coach or do research for an educational institution. The government website’s immigration pages include the whole list of options.

Long-term residence permit

A long-stay residence permit must be obtained after entering Luxembourg with your temporary residence permit (and a Type D visa, if necessary). In this situation, you must produce your current temporary permission, together with documentation of your housing, and pay a charge of around €80.

The EU blue card

You may be able to apply for an EU Blue Card depending on the kind of job you want to conduct. This document grants you the ability to work in the majority of EU member nations, much like the US Green Card. You must be from a non-EU nation, be highly skilled (typically defined as having earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or having five years of senior professional experience), and have a legally enforceable job offer or an active work contract to qualify for a Blue Card.  Member states have accelerated the Blue Card application procedure, making it often faster than other work visa applications.

Work permit for seasonal, temporary, and part-time employees in Luxembourg

Seasonal workers in Luxembourg must apply for a work permit like regular employees. The previous steps must be taken. Full-time students with student visas may be able to work in Luxembourg. Institutions and immigration authorities can monitor this. After graduating from a Luxembourg university, you may work for two years, pending approval. Your job must be related to your major. Under-30 au pairs in Luxembourg need a special visa. You must demonstrate your ability to perform ordinary household tasks and your mastery of the host family’s native language (as well as English or one of the nation’s administrative languages). 

Extension of the work permit

In the first scenario, work permits for Luxembourg are typically issued for two years. If you want to stay longer than that, you may reapply at least two months before your first visa expires. Up to three additional years might be added to the validity of the renewed visa.

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