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Getting an employment visa: Work Permit in Kyrgyzstan

Working in the Kyrgyz Republic, sometimes known as Kyrgyzstan, is not the same as traveling through or spending a few days there on vacation. To stay compliant as an employer, you must know how to obtain a work visa in the Kyrgyz Republic for each of your employees. If you are unfamiliar with the country’s numerous laws and regulations, you may be subject to fines or delays that affect your bottom line.

The Kyrgyz Republic’s Official Migration Service (the “Migration Service”) is the authorized state entity with the responsibility of awarding work permits to foreigners and stateless persons desiring to work in the country.

Types of work visas in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Kyrgyz Republic, unlike its neighbors, does not have a lengthy, complex, or expensive visa process. The country has become more open and accessible as it works to create a tiny but consistent tourism economy. Many travelers, for example, can arrive and remain for up to two months without requiring a visa.

The following visa kinds are available in the Kyrgyz Republic:

  • Tourist
  • Business
  • Private
  • Study
  • Work
  • Transit

To enter and work in the Kyrgyz Republic, the majority of your staff will require a work visa as well as a work permit. Parts of the application process will be handled by both you and the employee, so you’ll need to collaborate to avoid delays.

Requirements to obtain Kyrgyz Republic work visas

If your personnel are from a nation that does not require a visa to enter the Kyrgyz Republic, they must apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate in their home country. The required documents vary depending on the type of visa, the employee’s nationality, and other factors, however, the following are some of the most typical requirements:

  • A completed visa application form
  • A passport
  • One passportsize color photo
  • A letter from you inviting the individual to the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Payment of the visa fees

An examination of the workplace with a person from the authorized agency is usually part of the process. Before issuing or denying the visa, they will evaluate your company’s documentation and ask you questions about your business activity.

Application process

The next stage is to get work permits for all employees in the Kyrgyz Republic. The State Migration Service issues two sorts of work permits: those that allow foreigners to be hired and employed (an Employment Permit) and those that allow foreigners or stateless people to work in the nation (a Work Permit) (an Employee Permit). Remember that the government maintains annual employment quotas for foreign and stateless workers, which vary by sector and area. Because the government approves these figures on an annual basis, they frequently fluctuate from year to year.

If you do any of the following, the State Migration Service will deny your work permit application:

  • Can hire a local person instead
  • Incorrectly filled out an application
  • Stop doing business in Kyrgyzstan or fire the employee
  • Involved in illicit activities

In the Kyrgyz Republic, the majority of work permits are valid for one year with the option of an extension. Some individuals, such as foreign CEOs and skilled foreign staff, may be eligible for lengthier visas. You’ll have to pay a charge when you apply. An employment permit costs KGS 4,000, while an employee permit costs KGS 2,000, according to the State Migration Service.

Other important points to consider

All work permits are unique to the employer and cannot be transferred if the employee is fired or accepts a new job. If an individual work for both your company and another, each employer will require a separate permit.

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