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Getting an employment visa: Work permit in India

A work visa is a legal document that allows you to enter India and stay there. Work permits for foreigners in India are subject to highly strict requirements. Seeking decades, India has seen illegal migration for labor, and as a result, the government is highly rigorous about foreign presence in the nation. As a result, this document provides you with some protection and legitimizes your stay and activity in the country.

Types of work visas in India

Foreign employees are subject to specific visa and work permit regulations in India. An employment visa, or E visa, is the most common type of visa. E visas are restricted to employees of Indian-registered organizations. Therefore, employees cannot receive a permit until they have an employment contract. In addition, your organization must have a registered legal entity in India, such as a PEO, to handle visas.

Requirements to obtain India work visas

To be eligible for an Indian work visa, individuals must meet one of several requirements. Individuals who qualify include, among others, people who are:

  • Working for an Indian company or a global corporation having a branch office in India
  • Working as a specialist for a foreign company in India on a specific assignment
  • Worked for a non-profit organization (NGO)
  • Working in a high management position for a multinational corporation

This list includes situations that may be relevant to your business, but it is by no means exhaustive.

Application Process

The documentation your employees will need to obtain an Indian work visa will differ depending on their place of origin and the type of job they will be conducting for your firm in India. Documents that are usually necessary include:

  • A passport with three or more blank pages that is valid for at least a year
  • Two passport-size pictures of yourself
  • A copy of the opening pages of the passport
  • An employment contract is written in English that specifies the contract’s duration and terms.
  • A copy of the registration certificate for the company
  • An application for a visa
  • An additional work visa application form can be obtained and downloaded on the India Visa Online website
  • Information on your tax burden
  • A resume  written in the English language
  • Copies of diplomas and other supporting documents about professional qualifications, such as a CV or letters of recommendation

Employees must also provide facial biometrics and fingerprints to get an E Visa.

Application steps

The Government of India website outlines the steps for acquiring a work visa in India. An employee must complete and submit an online visa application to obtain an Indian work visa. They must also print a physical copy of the completed application and submit it to their nearest Indian embassy with the necessary identification documents. The visa can be picked up at the embassy or mailed to the applicant once the application has been approved.

Duration of application

Processing takes at least three business days from the moment the visa application is submitted, so it’s always a good idea for your employees to obtain visas well in advance to minimize any complications for your corporation. Generally, work visas in India are valid for one year but can be extended for up to five years. The Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) of the employee’s state of residence in India may be able to extend the visa.

Other important considerations

Some of your employees, together with their families and other dependents, may be relocating to India. Any accompanying spouses and dependent family members will need to apply for an entrance visa, not only a tourist visa. The period of their entry visa will be determined by the visa of the primary applicant.

Employees should also be aware that their visa’s validity begins on the day it is issued, not when they arrive in India.

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